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IT Strategic Solutions

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How the Project Aligns to the Growth Strategy of the Company

Shore & More Bicycles requires an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to support its future growth strategy. An ERP system integrates all aspects of a business that is accounting, customer relationship management, supply chain management, sales and human resource into a unified information system and provides more timely analysis and reporting of sales, customer inventory and accounting data. An ERP system, according to Wisner (2011), is the primary enabler of customer internet orders, retail store operations, supplier orders and communications, and internal operations hence it will support the company’s growth strategy.

ERP systems will link Shore & More Bicycles business processes and facilitate communication and information sharing between the company’s departments. Wisner (2011) noted that since the key business processes at Shore & More Bicycles overlay each of the functional areas, the company through the ERP system will eventually become process-oriented than functionality-oriented thus increasing its competitive advantage (Monk & Wagner, 2008). The visibility of information across the business process areas allows processes to become integrated within the company thus increasing customer satisfaction.

As Shore & More Bicycles is expected to double in size within four years, the ERP technology will enable the company to capture information once, reducing data input errors, information will be available in real time, eliminate delays throughout the organization and ensure that all transactions taking place can be seen and accessed by the right persons system (Wisner, 2011).

Technology Gap Analysis




Payroll Module

Is not adequate for future growth prospects.

Only meets Shore & More current company size.

Can only be accessed from the company’s headquarters in USA.

A payroll system integrated to the ERP.

Should offer Job scheduling, manage salaries and commissions.

Should be accessed from a central database anytime regardless of the location of the user.

Performance management Module

Employees and human resource records are on a server, available in USA headquarters only.

Records are stored in a local database that does not allow future expansion.

Dealership training and evaluations are recorded in a standalone database which is not integrated to all sites.

The human resource component in the ERP should facilitate the recording of employees and dealership performance and track dealer training.

Will track employee performance within the company.

Financial accounting system

All financial records are kept at USA headquarters sites on servers that are not accessible from other sites.

Lack of integration and duplication due to inaccessibility.

Finance module of the ERP should enable:

Monthly accounting reports.

Daily billing.

Process financial results.

Perform incremental backup of finance data.

Customer relationship Module

Customer orders are made through phone calls.

Orders are sent via email with monthly report that is reconciled to ensure all orders are in process.

The CRM module of the ERP will have:

Internet ordering capability where customers can monitor their orders.

Will have single systems for all its offices to avoid duplication and delays.

Will track sales trends by customer and market segment.

Call centre support module

Limited to 50 seats capacity.

Long delays with 20 minutes waiting time.

The CRM module of the ERP will have call centre capability.

Will accommodate over 100 customer service representative.

Will minimize delays and customer waiting times to 1 minute.

Increase customer service in all market segments.

Currently Available Hardware and Software

The current computer hardware in the company does not address the technological needs and development of the proposed ERP system. Also the presently available hardware does not allow automatic upgrade or scheduling for common tasks. The computers do not use encryption standards to secure the company’s data. The currently available hardware and company network has various anomalies such as incorrect and shoddy cabling, old, outdated computers, very little security policies and outdated software. The hardware can not be accessed remotely currently. The computers run on old windows software version and other applications which have not been updated since they were purchased. Shore & More should invest in new software and hardware as they intend to implement the ERP system.

Buy custom IT Strategic Solutions essay

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