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Organization Communication

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Communication is an essential tool in human life. It is how a person interrelates and conveys messages to his peers. Organizations are made of human personnel who require communicating amongst themselves and the business clients. Organization communication refers to the interrelation of different persons within the organizations.  This paper looks at various ways to organize communication of messages. Non-verbal communication is carried through other means apart from words. For example, through clothing, nature and environment the message is delivered. It includes proxemy, chromene, cynetics, haptics, sight and paralanguage. These methods are useful in the delivery of messages and make the delivery more elaborate. Charles Darwin studied non-verbal communication and his contribution in his book “Expression of emotions among humans and animals” in 1872. Paul Ekmen in 1960 researched on the universality of facial expressions where he found out that different culture and societies have their own meanings to different facial expressions. This helps understanding that for non-verbal communication to be successful it is prudent when it is used in organizations that possess similar cultures and society members.

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Clothing is a part of communication and is significant in the delivery of the messages. From how it fits on the speaker to its colors, clothing helps inducing the theme of the message. Red color symbolizes danger or romance, yellow symbolizes happiness, while white indicates humility and purity. Black color indicates seriousness and gloom. The degree of how well they fit the speaker helps shaping the opinion created by the recipients of the message. Body features also help in non-verbal communication as they induce the message with various opinions from the recipients. When communicating the obesity and its dangers, it is useful to use an overweight or large person to symbolize the message.

The environment where the messages are presented also communicates more to the message delivered. When advertising furniture and interior decorations, it is wise to use homes, offices and families as the settings for the advert. They help in going along with the message passed as well as selling how the products are used. The environment setup is significant in presenting messages.

Proxemy is a study on how people manage to utilize the space around them and the recipients, when delivering messages and information. If there is free interaction between those delivering the message and the recipients, this creates a perception of social, public information shared. Intimate information is often shared with closeness between the recipient and the speaker. When people discuss in groups, they are free and use the public space where there is a freedom of interaction.

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The use of cynetics is common in delivery of non-verbal messages and information. It is the study of body movements in communication process. Facial expressions are common in the area, where different expressions may be interpreted in a different way. Nodding of the head in some directions is understood to either affirm or reject something. Grinning of the face may reflect disgust feeling, where smile shows affection to the information received. Other body movements may be expressed from seeing images such as coat of arms or emblems.

The eyes are significant in non-verbal communication as both the recipient and sender of the information use them in communication. The sight plays a major role when the information comes out or received.

Paralanguage is a study of non-verbal sounds of the voice to express something. Pitch, tone and accent of the voice are useful in non-verbal communication. George Trager, a linguist, developed classification cluster consisting of set of voices, voice quality and vacuolization. Voice may illustrate mood, give age of the speaker, sex and conditions of the speaker. The volume, tempo, rhythm resonance and articulation are characteristics of voice used. Vocalizations include qualification, features and segregates.

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From the above-discussed methods of non-verbal communication, it is easy to point out that non-verbal communications are used in peoples’ day to day lives. They are mainly used in passing emotional information, expressing attitudes from speakers, enhancing easy flow of communication between the speaker and listener, and showing congratulations to someone.

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