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Resolving Ethical Business Challenges

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The drivers hired by Zyedego Company have infractions and therefore are not legally fit. According to the law, the company has is on the wrong since it provides that any driver whose competence is questionable should be avoided in organizations that serve the public. Ethically, this is a selfish move by the company because it is compromising on the quality of services by hiring road-unfit drivers. They, therefore, do not safeguard the interests and safety of the public.

On Dana’s case, Peter should advise Gwyn to let her go to the rival company and be ready to disburse the compensatory payment she asks for if it is legally acceptable. Dana’s case is not favorable for the work output the company. As much as Gwyn may want to reduce the company’s expenditure by avoiding paying Dana, in the end, the move might cause the company a lot in terms of labor force.

Peter is emotionally attached to the Martins’ situation when it comes to making decisions. First, he helps the family out when their son undergoes an asthmatic treatment. He then goes ahead to assign Guy extended working hours without anyone’s consultation or directive. When Guy dies, he negotiates with the insurance company to allow the wife, who is a stay-at-home mother, some means of supporting her family. Even though Peter knows that this is legally inapplicable since her husband’s body was not found after he died in Hurricane Katrina, he still insists on the matter. Note that Guy died while attending the overtime job, but Peter lies that he called in order to help as a moral and dedicated employee would. It is also very clear that Peter is not happy with the decision made about Guy’s compensation by the insurance, despite the fact that the insurance company is trying to avoid unnecessary spending by the company, which might lead to bankruptcy.

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Ethically, Gerald should know that it is wrong to put your clients in compromising situations that will make them lose their income for his own benefit. His people suggest PPI Mutual Funds to their clients, which put CENA Funds, one of their clients, in a bad competitive position. This might put the mutual company out of business in favor of their competitors, who are non-clients. It is very clear that he has some investments in PPI Mutual, and therefore sending people there means he earns more income.

It is legally wrong for him to access the financial information of clients.  Such kind of information is considered as highly confidential. This includes information on tax record, which could help him establish their financial needs. This could help him to direct them to mutual benefits in which he has already had benefits.

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Making CPAs registered investment advisers, gives Gerard the advantage of accessing confidential financial information of his clients, which will then influence their choice for a funding company. He could then use this privilege to direct the clients to the fund he has investments in. The disadvantage of this move is that if the clients know about it, it will discredit ethical and legal credentials, leading to lose of business.

The issue of the accounting firms going into financial services is that they know a lot of information about their competitors through auditing. This will help then to exploit the weaknesses of the competitors who will have nothing to retaliate.

Gerard is being influenced by her wife’s pregnancy and loses of income. Her wife is about to deliver, meaning they should have enough income to support extra responsibilities that come with the child.

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