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Yorkshire Farmers Markets Warm-Up

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A recent investigation on the New York famers’ markets revealed a very unfriendly operating environment. Some of the problems identified include: red tape where the permitting process is inconsistent, confusing, decentralized, and expensive forcing farmers to apply for permits in advance by more than seven months. The other problem is high cost of entry, with permit fees being paid as per the number of days a farmer operates over a season and a single permit is more than $800 payable upfront. Thirdly, there is the absence of operational procedures for parking, making it difficult and expensive to get access parking for the small market operators (Colyer, 2000).

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In an attempt to eliminate the mentioned problems, New York should pick up a few examples of success from the UK’s farmers markets. First and foremost, there should be the elimination of the daily permit fees that farmers pay in community development block grant areas. Markets located in underserved areas provide fresh produce to the city residents and they thus benefit the whole community. The city should, therefore, eliminate the permitting fees since they are a burden to the farmers. Alternatively, the city can align permitting fees on the farmers to the fees levied on green card vendors of $75. The city should also focus on simplifying and clarifying the process created by red tape, for instance, by setting up the oversight of the market to a specific entity for centralization purposes. This will make operations relatively easy (Stringer, 2011). The city should also focus on creating standard procedures for market parking. There should be a clear policy on applying for signage and response for such applications. The NYPD traffic officers should be trained to enforce the set policies. The city should also aim at establishing an information and outreach campaign about nutrition supports at the market. This will popularize the markets, especially when they have the support of the local and federal governments.

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The blue ocean strategy refers to a strategy employed by organizations to spur growth and generate profits by creating demand of their products in the uncontested market space instead of competing head to head with other organizations and suppliers in the same industry. The blue ocean entails those industries that are not yet in existence today, with unknown market which is not tainted by competition. Under this strategy, the organization makes competition irrelevant since the company aims at creating new demand through expanding the existing boundaries. The organization attains this by innovation in services, product and delivery.

Strategy canvas for farmers markets would ensure that the farmers get access to new markets that have not been explored. For instance, inventing new deliveries techniques, where farmers will make deliveries for fresh products to residents in the urban centers (Autor, 2005). Through this strategy, the farmers will only have to establish contacts with some residents, who will in turn refer them to other residents. This will eliminate the need to enter the already full market and pay high entry fees. Direct delivery will act as a way of minimizing the related costs and thus propel growth and raise profits.

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The farm shops can also use the strategy of stocking fresh products from the farmers and establishing a line of customers who will be buying directly from the farm shop. Moreover, the farm shops can also establish delivery channels through sales people who will ensure that the customers get timely delivery for all the products that they need. Through this, the farm shop will create loyalty among the customers and even get other referrals. While the customers benefit from an efficient delivery system, the farm shop benefits from high growth and increased profits (Urbany & Davis, 2011).

Mary Portas suggests that high street should be willing and able to experiment in new things, taking risks and becoming destinations again. High street needs to change from what it is currently and transform to a place where people want to be with all the jobs, services and products, which are the principles of blue ocean strategies (Portas, 2011).

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Buy custom Yorkshire Farmers Markets Warm-Up essay

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