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Ethics Issues

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The problem in this case is that the Police have found George over-speeding, and there is a need to settle the case with the authorities. This case requires   George to be delayed from getting home early, as he desired. His ill son would bear the brunt of such delays. Therefore, the problem is the issue of over speeding, which will delay him and his family from getting home early.

The three possible stakeholders are the police, the motorists and the public. The officers have the responsibility of ensuring that all motorists respect the traffic code. Over-speeding is a violation. The police ha s the duty of ensuring that the law is followed on the matter.

Three alternative solutions would include: George to get down to the police station and have the case handled there. This would lead to further delays since it is on Sunday and only a few officers would be present to do the paperwork. Another alternative solution would be to sort out the case there and then. George has to pay cash there. The police should do the recording at the station once they get back there. This would save the family extra time that would be spent driving to the station and waiting for the sorting of the case at the station. The fear with this option is the abetting of corruption, which George understands.

I would choose the option of requesting to be allowed to drop the family at home and then returning to sort the case with the police. This would save the family by giving them time to rest, and more important, give the son ample time to rest. The police would also have enough time at the station to do their job and have the case sorted amicably. Also it   would avoid instances that lead to corruption growth in the police. This is the best option although if George is patient and strong enough to withstand such time-consuming activities.

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