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A Cure for the Body and Soul

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The speed, the ultimate sense of freedom, the unimaginable feeling of being alone and at the same time united with the bigger world around. This is what one feels while riding a horse. Horse-riding is a rewarding experience because it helps to stay physically fit, positively influences the overall mood of a person, and fosters the deeper sense of belonging to the world.

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To start with, horse-riding is rather a demanding sport, which requires a person to maintain a good physical shape. Practicing it regularly one can improve the posture and a sense of balance, to name just a few benefits. Moreover, one has to be constantly aware of the pace of the horse and the surrounding landscape. That is why the reaction and alertness also increase significantly.

Moreover, riding a horse is known to improve the mood of a human being. It seems that horses have a calming impact on the rider and help reduce the stress. So, coming to a horse-riding class after the hectic day it is possible to recover one’s energy and get the strength for a number of tasks to come.

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Finally, the experience of horse-riding goes far beyond the physical state, influencing the inner self of a person. The ride itself, with the wind and the sun in the face, or the light rain on the skin and the sound of horse hoofs on the soil makes you sure that you are a part of this enormous world. It reassures you of the interconnection of humans and natural world.

Strong physical shape, the positive attitude towards everyday life, and a broader realization of one’s place in the world are the marvelous effects of practicing horse-riding. Granted, the care for the animal or the weather conditions may sometimes seem like a tedious duty but the peace and joy that this sport brings outweighs all the minor drawbacks.

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