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“Am Not Scared”

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The helicopters belonged to the police who had been tipped about the syndicate. Immediately the plane landed the security agents run out and got hold of my dad. They also picked me up as well as Filippo for investigations. It was quite a tense moment in my life considering that nothing of that kind had ever happened in my life. Although I had previously made mistakes or got myself in the wrong sides of the law, I had never directly encountered police officers. It goes without saying that Filippo was even more tenses given that he had lived in the hole for some time now. However, we remained unbowed ready to reveal it all.

Later on, my dad approached me for the first time about the issue. He had previously avoided discussing it with me although I had offered him a lot of information. He whispered to me that the worst thing I should never do is betray my own dad. He reminded me that he needed to be free to fend for the family and that if I told the story as it were he would definitely be held by the police. It was at this point that he suggested that I should tell the police that he had come to rescue me and that he had nothing to do with the kidnapping. I felt his pain, a clear manifestation that indeed blood is thicker than water. However, I doubted if I would really face the police with a lie without them realizing. I had read in story books that police agents are trained psychologist who would tell if you are lying. Nonetheless, I had no option because I had to save my dad.

At the time of interrogation, two smartly dressed women came to me. They were quite friendly in their demeanor. They were the kind of ladies who would make a stranger feel completely at home. I wondered if I would really be able to lie to them. Fortunately, I did without them noticing. After interrogating me, the duo went over to Filippo and then to my friend-turned betrayer. By the end of the session, all the kids were had been playing with were interrogated and it was the agents’ time to analyze the statements. As we all sat outside, tension began to build because we didn’t know how each of us had responded and had no confidence to enquire. Conspicuously missing was Skull, although he knew more that all of us. Due to the sense of guilt, I decided to inform the agents about Skull to make me feel good. We went with them to pick up Skull and came back in a matter of hours. Skull looked more threatened than all of us. However, he still managed to talk to the police agents in a closed door meeting. It was difficult to tell what they had actually talked about.

Later on, it turned out that he had told the bare truth. This technically rendered my story wrong and my reliability as a witness compromised. I had to do something swiftly in order to save the situation. In a matter of minutes, the agents called on us once more and requested that we tell them the exact truth about what had happened. It was quite a challenge considering that, up to this moment none of us really knew what each one had said. It was the friend-turned betrayer who started the session. He denied knowledge of the whole incident. As a matter of fact, he set the mood of the session and everyone who came after him said the same thing. In fact, even Skull changed his story and denied any knowledge. It was at this point that I felt the need to right the wrongs that I had done before. I told the exact story about how my dad had thwarted my efforts to reveal the secret. I told them that I long discovered Filippo in the hole and that I had tried my best to help him. They were particularly perturbed by my revelation that I had actually been feeding the young boy. Like the rest of my peers, the agents gave me a heroic look. They agents were awed by the depth of information that I had with me and felt that I was perfectly suited to help them with investigations. It goes without saying that my side of the story implicated everyone including Skull. However, it was my dad who was going to suffer most because he had even tried to kill the little boy as part of his assignment. They were certainly in for it. However, deep inside me, I felt that I had done my civil duty. After all, I was not scared of anyone. 

Buy custom “Am Not Scared” essay

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