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This paper presents an argument summary concerning an essay on the work of composition. The essay reveals the responsibility of using English in a global capital, which incorporates international exchanges. The author Min Zhan Lu emphasizes on developing responsible approaches by English users in relation to the work we do across the world. Lu argues that if individuals use English in this manner across the world, this can save the language against all the injustice relations.

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Furthermore, Lu suggests that in order to apply English responsibly and responsively, there is a need for individuals to unravel their fears upon the composition work. For instance, individuals should not perceive linguistic imperfection as a factor that would result to communication breakdown. Lu argues that when individuals fear critical engagement with the language, they require thriving and surviving, which becomes incompatible when they use their effort to acquire it. She cites different users of English including the native, middle class and white speakers, the fact that they are monolingual, dissonance issues are not relevant to their discursive, and learning practices. According to Lu, there should be a need to depict composition to function as a boundary, and efforts to articulate responses towards the dissonance across languages in relation to economic, cultural, and social status in the current world.

Lu emphasizes on the need of all English users to grasp, and make good use of dissonance in their social entities in order to acquire English. Lu also argues that defining English keeps alive the work of all its users. She further suggests that when a language is dead, it is static, and its policies become ruthless. When a language is not active, it lacks purpose or desire other than maintaining its dominance and exclusivity. She claims that the vitality in a language depends on the capability to limn the actual, possible, and imagined lives of its writers, speakers and readers.

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Lu argues that the pressure to acquire and apply English is turning to a live reality for individuals identified by labels such as native speaking, democracy, educated or developed countries. Lu cites an evidence of war against Chinglish, which reveals that the English we apply in composition can indirectly or directly police how individuals globally use English. Lu identifies the issues that come with the composition role of teaching English internationally. This concerns the supply of donated books that come with audiotapes, testing kits and teacher’s manual. Lu points out that even though there is awareness in teachers concerning the materials, and their cultural inappropriateness, teachers become unable to photocopy or print alternative materials because of insufficient time, printing facilities, funds and stationery.

Moreover, the sub argument that Lu makes concerning this issue is that such practical difficulties often subject teachers to rely on U.S publishers freely or ready to use teaching materials. Lu supports her argument and connects her ideas when she refers to English as a language of international politics, commerce and media. However, she claims that the language is breaking into diverse English with various national origins, accents, professional, and cultural affiliations. She claims that the language may be vibrant and alive, but active use of English limns lives of people, which this leads to situations that submerge the individuals.

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The other issue that Lu argues about in this essay concerns the aspect of designing English against capitalism. Her main argument relates to commodity approach which locks people’s attention in identifying what English language lacks or requires. She claims that fear makes individuals hesitant in considering the possibility in using efforts to learn, acquire, and use English. Lu believes that to unravel such fears, there is a need of individual writers and learners to enhance use of English globally.       

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