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Google is one of the most well-known search engines in the entire world. The purpose of the organization is letting people get the necessary information, when they need it. However, a normal business wouldn’t encounter issues that this type of a company will. It is also important that the structure of the organization is very different. The reason is that Google is made up of many shareholders. These shareholders picture what the company does and what it turns into. One more thing that points my attention on this company is Google’s culture that can be characterized as informal, equal, involving, empowering, and with an aversion to bureaucracy. The principles of the company give each individual a chance to be encouraged in work and develop good ideas by means of cooperation and sharing skills.

I have graduated from Australian College of Kuwait, Business Management major (Overall GPA: 3.71). I have good computer and technical skills;  am a proficient user of Microsoft Office 2007/2010, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Operation System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. Besides, I have rather high speed in writing. My skills in research and analysis are also high. I am proficient in graphic design: Adobe InDesign and website designing.

As to my communication skills, I am fluent in English and Arabic, and I am excellent listener. I am fast learner, and flexible and efficient person. I pay attention to the details and have an ability to work under pressure. By my nature, I am a team player and a problem solver. I have a valuable ability to complete a task on a tight deadline.

While studying at the University, I was a leader of photography and arts club in the Australian College of Kuwait (2009-2010). I have participated and volunteered in many carnivals and exhibitions, including Proud to be Kuwaiti (P2BK) events.

I have many interests, such as reading books and articles on different fields, research, graphic designs, creating computer’s programs, traveling, and experiencing different cultures.

Task 1 – Organisation Profile

The mission of the Google Organisation is to arrange all of the world's information into a specific order and make it available and easy to use.  This company was found relatively recently, in 1998, but has already achieved excellent results. Thousands of users are served by Google around the world and those, who are eager to become the part of the Google team, appreciate its basic principles of work.

The first thing I like in this organization is ten fundamental principles of Google that are based on  the desire to do everything possible for the user. That means Google employers create a new browser or make minor changes to the main search page in order to make the user’s life easier. In this case, the backgrounds depart are even questions of profit. The company never traded places in the search results and information from its users. Ads on Google are never mixed with the search results and, moreover, are clearly separated from them. In addition to what was said above, it is worth to mention that working on the new products, Google wants to make it exactly the way that users want them to see. The main principle of Google work is: “It is better to do one thing, but do it very, very well” (Manjoo, 2013)

Another thing that makes me be eager to work in Google team is that the company operates in one of the world's largest research centres, including the dozens of groups that are engaged exclusively on the tasks related to the search. Because of this, Google team knows what they do well and what could be done better. It is the desire to surpass them that allows to continually improve the service, which is already used by millions of people around the world. Moreover, much of what we know about the search, is used in other Google products, such as, for example, Gmail and Maps Google. The company is going to continue developing search technology in order to cover all areas of human knowledge and make it accessible to all (Google, 2013).

Google appreciates user’s time; that is why this is a good start for a perspective career. Perhaps, Google is the only company that does everything to users as quickly as possible. Today, an average time to obtain the results of a Google search is a second. Moreover, the rate is one of the basic requirements for all of its products, from mobile apps to Google Chrome, super-fast browser for today’s Internet. Google poses online democracy its search work, as its mechanism with a separate analysis of millions of links to Web sites in order to determine which resources contain more useful information. They asses the importance of each web site for more than 200 parameters by means of various techniques, including Google patented algorithm PageRank™,  that analyses, which sites have been "recognized" as the best sources of information on other pages on the Internet (Farfan, 2012).

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Today the company is up for the modern educated personalities. Google becomes more mobile, as good old giant desktop computer is not enough. People need information here and now. Moreover, mobile Internet comes to the scene. Google is fully aware of the importance of mobile technology for the modern man. Google wants to enable the user to search for information, check e-mail, watch videos, and work on documents, even if he/she has on hand only a mobile phone. That is why they made new mobile services.

Business is beneficial to Google. Two of their main sources of income are to provide search technology to the corporate customers and to sell advertising on the results pages of Google and tens of thousands of other sites. Google advertisers are hundreds of thousands of people and companies around the world. To advertise on Google or through Google, you only need one tool, AdWords. In addition, they help to make profit to the site owners. Using a system of AdSense, they can place advertising blocks on their web-sites, where Google advertisers will appear. The content of ads-topic sites and advertising revenue Google shares with its owners. Advertising on Google is always clearly identified as "sponsored links." Google strives to provide objective results, and nothing should interfere this. No one can buy a higher PageRank.

One of the main goals of Google is to make information available to any person on the Earth. Google search interface is translated into more than 130 languages. It features automatic translation tools, allowing users to use the information regardless of the place, where it was created. In addition, it is possible to choose the languages that you want to read the texts in. Google team is also constantly working on accessibility of their services to the people with disabilities. 

As for me, the idea that work can be difficult but fun is very important. The Google Company believes that the innovative corporate culture paves the way for a unique achievement. They pay special attention to the achievements of individual groups and are proud of personal achievements to help the company to succeed. Google attaches great importance to its employees, energetic and enthusiastic people with a rich and diverse experience, who are creative in work, play, and life. The atmosphere in this company can be informal, but when in a cafe, on a meeting or in the gym, there are new ideas, they are discussed, tested, and put into practice with dizzying speed. In addition, they can give a start to the new project that will gain the whole world. Excellent is not the limit. For Google to be the best it is not the destination, but only the beginning.

Philosophy of Google is based on the individual values. When hiring new employees, they prefer not so experienced, but capable candidates. Moreover, this makes me think I have a chance to become the part of the Google team. They are constantly expanding and opening offices in the different countries. They strive to maintain an atmosphere of a start-up, where everyone can freely express their thoughts and suggestions. Any employee can ask for Larry or Sergey during meetings, traditionally held on Fridays, or compete with the boss by a table tennis table. Relaxed atmosphere in the Google offices and cafes facilitates an effective interaction between individuals and teams, the exchange of views on the work or during the games.

Google’s business started in the room in the hostel and in the garage. Today the company has more than 70 offices in 40 countries worldwide and is headquartered in Mountain View in Silicon Valley, better known as the Googleplex, where they moved to in 2004. For employees, the company organized a cafe with proper nutrition and mikrokuhni with snacks and drinks. In the Google offices workers can have a rest or discuss some new ideas playing table football, tennis, billiards, volleyball, ping pong, as well as playing video games and playing piano.

Activities of the company are based on providing the wide range of services for both private users and organizations. According to one of the company’s founders, Larry Page, “The perfect search engine is able to accurately determine what the user has in mind, and to show it is the results that they need. We will not argue that a Google search today for 100% fits this description, however, we are constantly developing new technologies that help to approach the ideal” (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2013).

The company’s philosophy and manner of work, its alignment to skills, attributes and values that I possess makes it my desired career path. If I have a chance to be currently employed there, I will make all possible to continue my career at Google.

Task 2 – Leader Profile

There is a large number of successful and/or inspirational individuals working within a variety of sectors worldwide.  These sectors include business, sport, politics, arts, and the philanthropic/not-for-profit sector. I would like to concentrate my attention on Kevin Eikenberry, known as the author of  Vantage points on Life and Learning, an expert in organizational development and personal development. He lives with the family in Indianapolis. He has a good education and received a bachelor’s degree with honours from Purdue University. After that Kevin started his professional career in Chevron Chemical Company. There he held a number of sales, training, marketing, and consulting positions. 1993 was a year, when Kevin formed his own training and consulting organization, The Kevin Eikenberry Group.

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His consulting company, Kevin Eikenberry Group, offers a wide range of services that include training and development, team work and services to improve productivity, organizational consulting, and the development of public speaking skills. The company has worked with leading U.S. firms from the list «Fortune 500" small firms, universities and government agencies”. Among the clients of Kevin are group company "Chevron" Corporation "John Deere", National Institutes of Health, Purdue University, the company "Southwest Airlines", the U.S. Marine Corps, and the U.S. Mint. I think that Kevin Eikenberry is a person that can be an example to follow. He has spent the last 12 years giving support and help to North American organizations in order to reach their potential. This person has a wide range of specialties such as: teams and teamwork, developing organizational and individual potential, creativity, facilitation, presentation skills, training trainers, consulting and the consulting process, and much more. His clients and students again and again rave about his effectiveness, and call Kevin "the best trainer I've ever experienced"(Eikenberry, 2013).

Now the Kevin Eikenberry Group is one of the main learning consulting companies, which provides a number of services that include training delivery and design, performance coaching, facilitation, organizational consulting, and various speaking services. The company has clients in more than 500 companies, smaller firms, government agencies universities, various Chevron companies, National Institute of Health, John Deere, Purdue University, the U.S. Marine Corp, Southwest Airlines, and the U.S. Mint.

Kevin’s works can be very useful in my contribution to the Google team. As I am going to assist Google organization, his example of hard work turns my potential into the desired results.

“Kevin’s weekly publication is read by more than 90,000 people worldwide… Vantagepoints, an email essay of learning from everyday events and activities, distributed to over 5,900 subscribers worldwide. Kevin is the developer of the Million Dollar Skills Learning System, a top flight learning system on valuable life skills delivered in bite-sized pieces that create powerful and productive habits. He hosted an internet radio program for two and a half years, Magical Movies. A former weekly contributing editor to the TechRepublic web site, his articles have been published in over 100 internet newsletters and web sites” (Eikenberry, 2013).

“In 2004 Kevin received Distinguished Agricultural Alumni award from Purdue University . He was named an Outstanding Alumnus of Purdue University in 2002, and serves on the Dean's Advisory Council at Purdue. He has been recognized in the Who's Who in the Midwest and Who's Who Worldwide” (Eikenberry, 2013). 

Kevin is considered successful in his life and field of expertise. Learning more about this leader will impact my future career planning. I find Kevin's goal “to reach organizations and individuals who believe in the power of action;  organizations and individuals who are passionate about succeeding at their highest level” (Einkenberry, ) very simple to what I am trying to do in future in the Google company; that is why I will make use of the results of this author’s conclusion as to self-expression and development. I believe, this will help me to achieve good results in my own career.

To make a conclusion, I should say that this career profile would be very useful for my future work. Firstly, I have a goal to work for the Google company, and while having been writing the organization profile, I got to know all constructive information about the manner of work, philosophy, organization’s mission and goals, leadership style, reporting structure, culture, and physical work environment. I have a chance now to graduate and align to my personal and professional needs and my desired career path. In this task, the books by Kevin Eikenberry will be valuable for me. So, in order to develop my career skills, I will train myself in training and development, team work and services to improve productivity, organizational consulting, and the development of public speaking skills.


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