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Cause and Effect

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The Newspaper stories l have chosen to write about are both from the New York Times (NYT) an American daily newspaper that gives information on remarkable topics. The two topics l have chosen are Targeting Women which tends to lean on the State efforts to end insurance coverage for abortions which endanger women's health and rights, and the other one is Stop and Frisk which is a strategy that police officers are using to reduce crime in an area by stopping and searching people they consider suspicious in New York city. The first story l will talk about is on Targeting women.

Based on a story in the New York Times, Targeting Women: Reproductive Rights, many states have resolute to seize it into their legal dominion to say what a woman’s legal right are with reference to their wellbeing and abortion in dealing with reproduction care. On the other hand, several organization have constantly put all effort to preserve the basis of reproductive rights and wellbeing that have been recognized, there exist some individuals that will fight to control or repress those human rights.

There are many that look for ways to alter how we feel and talk about reproductive human rights and countless work to join reproductive rights to individual rights.Reproductive rights rest on the acknowledgment of the fundamental right for each and every person to make a decision freely and sensibly when to have their children and to have the information and the way to do so, and the right to accomplish the utmost standard of sexual and reproductive wellbeing. It also embraces the right of all to make resolutions regarding to reproduction free of prejudice and intimidation.

According to the story, a grievance file in Kansas showed a prohibition of assurance coverage of abortions formed by the national health care reform regulations. A Kansas decree prohibits abortion coverage in assurance plans provided in the state excluding cases where the delivery places the mother’s life in danger. It also forbids abortion services in cover plans sold after 2014, yet authorizes for Assurance Corporation to sell detached cover plans dealing with abortion wellbeing at an extra charge.

The second story is Stop and Frisk guidelines by New York City law enforcement unit. This term is an approach that law enforcers have been using to decrease crime in a region by stopping and thorough searching individuals they believe are suspicious. This strategy led to almost 700,000 stops in 2011 only in New York City. The approach has come under criticisms from human being rights people, as well as a number of the city council associates and minority society few influential, who point out that the overpowering greater part of the stops do not result in the finding of any unlawful goings-on on the part of the person stopped up.

The city’s dependence on stop and frisk has drawn closer to extreme inspection and legal disputes. Reviewers say that the law enforcement unjustly go after black and Hispanic youthful men, who have constituted to more than the 85 percent of those stopped. The police force unit has powerfully defended the approach as helping to curb down offenses, stating it is a helpful way of getting illicit guns away from the city.

Based on a story in the New York Times, Targeting Women, the occurrences seem to be in groups because it targets on the women who undergo abortion and the steps the state and several organization have taken to preserve the basis of reproductive rights and wellbeing. The State efforts to end insurance coverage for abortions which endanger women's health and rights should not be encouraged because it could lead to many deaths especially for mothers who are poor and cannot afford to cater for the health payment. It should recognize that Reproductive rights rest on the acknowledgment of the fundamental wellbeing for each and all beings to make a decision freely and sensibly.

Kansas State should supports the new regulation arguing it has significance in caring for human life and in support to childbirth above abortion. The women looking for abortions should be subjected to therapy at pregnancy help centers run by antiabortion campaigners so as to protect the well being of their unborn babies. These women should be allowed to get policies covering all of their health care requirements to cater for their reproduction health. In Stop and Frisk story, the causes seem to be a chain or a series of occurrences because police officers have adapted to an approach of stopping and thorough searching individuals they believe are suspicious especially black and Hispanic youthful men. For a police to stop anyone, they need reasonable misgiving that an individual is on to or has just committed a punitive code infringement prior to stopping that person and not just relying on indistinguishable basis such as “sneaky” movements.

This practice of stopping and frisking of individuals suspected is undemocratic. In most cases,  it may lead to adverse long term effect such as discrimination since they tend to target blacks and Hispanics youth. Police officers should be prohibited from habitually stopping people with no rational suspicion. On a positive note, such kind of approach could be useful in decreasing crime if the police are trained on proper ways of handling people.

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