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Challenges of Being a Mediator

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A mediator is a neutral representative of two or more parties in dispute resolution programs, while an advocate is a legal counsel with skills in law to represent a defendant or plaintiff in court of law. Advocates perform the duties of a mediator in legal matters in regards to bringing two opposing parties to resolve their differences out of the court process. This paper highlights the ethical, moral and legal challenges that mediators and advocates face in their disposition of both duties. The article focuses on advocacy agencies such as Planned Parenthood approach to mediating and advocacy.

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A mediator is a third party who acts in neutrality to resolve teething issues between two or more conflicting sides. The mediator should uphold his integrity, accuracy and effectiveness in establishing a solution to the issues before him. Advocates have an upper hand with working as mediators due to their understanding of legal matters and the challenges involved. The law is seen to be just, which the mediator should strive to achieve (Barsky, 2007). The mediator should guarantee comfort and fairness to the parties at whatever costs.

Approach and Philosophy in Planned Parenthood Agencies

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Planned Parenthood agencies offer significant services to the societies especially in relation to family matters. They deal in mediation of conflicts between family members, such as, among siblings and between parent and children. Children in their teenage develop difficulties in communication with their parents due to the hormonal and physical changes that occur in their bodies. The Planned Parenthood agency mediates in these cases to ensure the family relationship bond stays intact. These help offered by these agencies is highly required to correct the various wrongs that may tore families apart. Mediators should strive to remain unbiased and check for the best solutions that befit all parties while holding the family bonds intact (Andrews, 1996).


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The process of mediating and advocacy for different people is a significant human service that needs strong, wise and smart thinking people. It entails critical valuation of evidence to ensure solutions proposed are acceptable to both parties. Striving for positive outcome is the wish of every mediator though this has to be through upholding the best integrity, ethical and moral principles.

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