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This is described as the progression whereby an inferior person of a faction takes on the distinctiveness of the leading grouping and seemingly ultimately accepted as element of that specific group. This ideology is popular where its denoted as A + B + C -> A. this indicates that the majority who are denoted as (A) are so dominating such that the minorities groups (B and C) stay undistinguishable when amongst the central group. Assimilation is widely known to dictate conventionality in the dominating group no matter how many religious, ethnic, or racial groups are in the picture (Schaefer).

Elements or rather components of assimilation are numerous and they give assimilation its complete phenomenon. For instance, assimilation has to have dynamic endeavor enacted by the minority grouping so as to get rid of all distinctive beliefs and actions and the freely reception of these minority individuals in the dominating group. Another element of this ideology is that the dominating groupings have the tendency of devaluing alien cultures thus treasuring the dominating one (Schaefer).

Pluralism is the kind of ideology whereby in a society mutual respect dominates amongst the numerous groups found in it where each and every culture is respected thus allowing the minority groups articulate their own customs with no experiences of hostility or prejudice hauled at them.  Elements of pluralism revolve around maintaining close to all the ethnical boundaries found in a society. Nevertheless in the real world there happens to be confines to cultural autonomy. For instance, an immigrant of Romanian origin to the U.S. won’t be able to avoid learning English and other practices. Therefore element of consensus has to be in a society on the basis of beliefs, values, and ideas. In line with this ideology, pluralism can be represented in a scheme as A + B + C -> A + B + C whereby all groups coexist freely within a society (Schaefer).

Genocide is generally describes as the intentional deeds to eliminate as a substantial part of wholly of a particular human race, or rather population and its estimated to have wiped out close to 60 million humans during the 20th century. Many claims have been set forth on the reactions of some nations to the calamity of genocide and probably avert them and much blame is thrown to the U.S. government for not helping out or rather participating in quelling genocides once they happen. The reluctance of the U.S. to fight against genocide stems from long time ago where for instance it took them 40 years to ratify the 1948 Genocide Convention by the United Nations which was fighting so that genocide be affirmed a crime against global law (kromkowski pg 233). 

Many perpetrators claim that victims of mass murder are responsible for whatever destruction befell them thus arguing that this activity of mass murder is an internal affair but this line of argument is wrong as majority of the people killed during genocide are innocent, and widely genocide always brings up global consequences with humanitarian aid needed, war and regional instability, as well as refugees (kromkowski pg 234).

There has been numerous researches on genocide which ranges from its causes, to the intervention measures which are rarely taken by the super power to quell the mass killing together with the incapability of U.N. to repress it. The U.S. has been blamed by many in its inactiveness when it came to intervening and helping to stop genocide where during this era the government policy makers did literally nothing in formulating laws to prevent genocide.  Mainly in the event that the U.S. government acted was when it had self interests in the affected country as seen in Iraq where U.S. is blamed to have aided the Saddam Hussein government while it was committing mass killings as it had its own interests in mind. This was also witnessed in Vietnam and Cambodia as well as in Rwanda and these actions escalated genocide activities (kromkowski, pg 236).

Over the past decade the U.S. government has been more outspoken and fighting against terrorism with minimal accord to genocide though it led several missions to intervene mass killing in Kosovo and Bosnia. But this isn’t enough as the U.S. is more interested in terrorism thus pushing genocide intervention to the back with also its refusal to acknowledge the international criminal court (ICC) thus these deeds reflect how it is reluctant in the issue of genocide (kromkowski, pg 237).  

Census is an activity that tries to register or rather establish many human parameters which majorly encompass the total country’s population which is the main parameter and in it there are other sub-sections which are asked to the populace for instance the census may decide to ask everyone to disclose their ethnic origin or ancestry as it was done in the U.S. 2000 census (kromkowski pg 74).

First it’s evident that many Americans were reluctant   to confine their race more than their ancestry as seen in the census results that those who answered to the ancestry question were extremely lower in number as compared to the people who gave their races. Another reason why the number of Africa Americans who had specified their ancestry fell is because those who gave that as their race tended to be specific when it came to their ancestry where they gave as Nigerian, Jamaican, and so forth (kromkowski pg 74).

Secondly, through the census reports I have learnt that the biggest European lineages have dwindled in their population whereas the Asian, Hispanic, and African American ancestries have risen. For instance German ancestry count reduced from 23% which was recorded in 1990 to 15% as of 2000. This is majorly attributed to the fact that many European people stopped immigrating and setting their homes in the U.S. as their countries offered relatively the same economic advantages as the U.S. did (kromkowski pg 75).

A much spectacular phenomenon with the 2000 census occurred in the geographic allocation of ancestries throughout the country where in every region it had a different ancestry which dominated there. For instance in the four famous regions to the west the Mexicans dominated with about 16%, to the Midwest Germans had 27%, to the south the African American dominated with 14%, whereas in the northeast the Irish had 16% (kromkowski pg 78).

Buy custom Check Out the Three Questions essay

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