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Developing a School Vision

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A vision is a short statement that gives insight to the goals and direction of an institution. There are different types of visions depending on the various industries in an economy and society. Schools and other institutions of learning need vision statements to help guide parents, students, education staff and other members of public understand their significance in the society. An institution that lacks a vision also lacks direction. A mission statement is a set of words that help detail the achievement procedure of the vision statement. Mission statements help one to understand how the vision statement is achieved. This paper highlights the development of Strong High School’s vision and mission statements as well as identifies the significant stakeholders in this process.

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Strong High School has embarked on undertaking a comprehensive improvement plan to counter the decreasing levels of performance from students. The school’s improvement team should identify various factors that would yield a good vision statement. These factors include; identifying the need for a new vision, the expected results from the new vision, and the path to achieving a new vision, how to instill the values of the new vision within the school’s staff, as well as, students and whether the vision is achievable (Bamburg, 12). In addition, the improvement team should request for the opinions of the school’s significant stakeholders. These stakeholders include; the parents who educate their children in the school. The parents are the majority stakeholders of any school as they help in the schools development besides having their children educated in the school. They should contribute to development of the school’s vision and mission statements by giving their opinions on how they expect their school to change performance.

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The students should also be consulted to understand their view of how they feel to the changing and adoption of a new vision. They are the primary targets of the vision and mission statements. They need to contribute their views of how the school should be run, as well as, the channels to offer their predicaments to the administration. The state is also another stakeholder to the alteration of the school’s vision and mission statements. The state is the legal authority that licensees’ businesses and other organizations in conformity with the laid down laws. The state checks whether the new vision is suitable for the school and learning community from its meaning (Bamburg, 19).

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The schools management and teaching staff are also significant stakeholders to achieving and implementing the vision statement. The management ensures the vision statement guides the overall schools agenda. The teaching staff contributes to the vision development process, as they also should adhere to the new adopted vision. After development of the schools vision, these stakeholders have different roles to play in the implementation of the new vision. Teachers instill the values to students; students absolve the new values to their learning, while management oversees the implementation of the new policy. The parents help keep their children in check and uphold the values of the school even at home. The state advises the school improvement team on suitable vision statements that coincide with the outside society (Bamburg, 18).

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