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Evaluating Human Services

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Support groups are organizations founded to help members of such groups deal with social problems and challenges such as illness, loss of employment, and addiction among other socio-economic challenges. Support groups teach coping skills, provide valuable information to the members, and create a common pool for sharing ideas, emotions, and personal experiences. Support groups may include education, behavioral training, and group interaction. Behavioral training could involve muscle relaxation or meditation to reduce stress or effects of chemotherapy or radiation therapy (Chenoweth & McAuliffe, 2005).

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Family violence is defined as the infliction of either a physical or mental injury caused by  a family member to the rest of the family. Family violence becomes a habit which develops in a member; therefore, it is habit-forming. This form of violence may take many forms including a physical and abusive behavior pattern, especially in relationships, marriages, and cohabitation. It could be in many forms, such as physical assault, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and stalking (Maher, 2012). Most domestic violence victims need temporary and permanent safe housing, financial assistance, medical reimbursement, and counseling.  Therefore, there is a great need for privacy protection for most family violence victims in order for them to live comfortably in society.

Family violence victims normally get traumatized by whatever form of violence they are exposed to. This leads them to live with fear. They, therefore, require either some temporary or permanent housing facility which will put them away from their perpetrators. In cases where the individuals involved are couples, trust may quickly fade. Coupled with fear, most victims will not agree to stay next to their perpetrators (Project Share & United States, 2007).

Many victims are at times left in a bad state. Violence associated with assault or sexual abuse results in horrible injuries. In turn, the victim may require financial assistance that will aid in settling medical bills or travel expenses to a safer region. This need is especially burning for victims who do not or are not in a working condition to provide for themselves, thereby requiring well-wishers to help out (Kellaghan, Madaus, & Stufflebeam, 2010).

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Counseling is another service that most victims require. They truly need to be taken through a counseling session to help deal with psychological conditions and trauma caused by the violence. In most instances, counseling does help, but only when victims decide to speak out what they have gone through. They are taken through a healing process that at the end of the day helps them live a normal life once again.

Sexual abuse (the most common form of domestic violence) is fuelled by the desire of dominance by one partner over the other. The abuser is driven by the need to control their partner’s sexual behavior. An inferiority complex arising from socio-economic background and education is another possible cause of family violence. Conservatives usually exert undue control over their partners and treat them unequal, which leads to violence.  

Sexual abuse may cause one to be infected with diseases including HIV and AIDS. Out of all these, the trauma caused by the act is heavy to bear for most victims and may lead to suicidal cases (Matheson, Van, & Millar, 2004). People feel they do not deserve to live anymore after what they have been taken through. They may view life as a painful pill to swallow.

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Research has found that environmental and personal factors are potential sources of violence. Abusers often learn this vice from the environment in which they are raised. For instance, children who fall victims to domestic violence grow up having in mind that violence is the sole way of solving family disputes, which is an indication that domestic violence is culturally and environmentally acquired (Maher, 2012). Alcohol and chemical abuse are often associated with violence, as the abusers are less likely to control their emotions or impulses.

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