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Exercising has been discussed a lot throughout the history of human kind. The benefits of it are widely known, proved both by scientific research and personal experiences of people. However, even knowing the positive effects of physical activity does not encourage some people to act upon this knowledge. In the present day society there is an alarming number of health problems caused by lack of active lifestyle. These problems can be easily resolved with the help of slight modification but lots of people tend to think that they would have to undergo a major change in their usual life. In reality, a daily jog or a visit to a gym does not take that much time. One can just stop by a swimming pool after the classes and relax the body and mind after mentally stressful day. Having experienced exercising first hand, I can argue that daily exercise has changed my life in a positive way.

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First of all, the positive effect that exercising has on different body muscles is incredible. With a well-balanced routine it is possible to engage lots of muscle groups and work on stretching as well as strengthening them. Through the process of gradual warming up and them challenging one’s body to achieve higher level of performance one can develop physically and simultaneously receive the wonderful sensation of bodily improvement. Regularity, of course, is the key, and the results are best seen after some period of time. This is absolutely worth waiting for because after a while a person notices how he/she can endure more tasks. For example, even groceries bag is easier to carry.

Furthermore, exercising has an extremely positive effect on one’s cardiovascular system. A healthy heart is the foundation for the overall wellbeing of a person, so it is crucial to take care of it and strengthen it like any other part of the body. The aerobic exercises, like cycling, jogging, or walking, can become a real help for the healthy living. Speaking from personal experience, I found out that I could easily run up the several flights of stairs without breathing hard after I took on exercising. The most wonderful aspect of exercising for cardio health is the fact that it has long-term benefits. It is similar to having a saving account for retirement only here you invest in the actually ability to be stronger and more active in the older age.

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Finally, the overarching positive influence of daily exercising is manifested in the mental benefits that it presents. It is impossible to overestimate the psychological and mental element of physical activity. One does not need any scientific evidence to prove this because a simple observation suffices. For example, the best way for me to fight the bad mood is to go for a run. The quality of thinking process and peace of mind seems to have a positive relationship with the distance covered. The mental activity becomes more focused after some fresh oxygen has entered our lungs, the sleepiness disappears, and it is easier to find the long-sought solution for a mathematical problem or that especially descriptive phrase for one essay. Moreover, when you have such a great reinforcement, it is much easier to make yourself go outside in all kinds of weather.

As it is evident from the discussion above, engaging in daily exercises positively changes the life of a person, influencing the muscle strength, cardiovascular health, and mental effective functioning. The difficult part of doing sports is the lack of immediate results, which discourages many people. The way out of this situation is constantly reminding oneself about proved evidence in favor of sports and keeping a clear vision of long-term results. In my opinion, the appreciation for daily exercises has to be integrated into the society’s values and taught to children form early age. Engaging the whole family and teaching by example are very effective strategies to help a human being live a healthier life from the young age.

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