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Gender and Culture

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Media representation of men and women can have a remarkable impact on cultural and gender ethics in the social order. Gender strains came with time and again fashioned by manipulative media depiction of men and/or women in orthodox characters. Media images of women and men reveal and replicate a complete set of conventional but altering gender roles. Men are expected to be given more aggressive and dominant roles and having high class employment. Generally, they are more often the point of humor or ridicule. A woman is given submissive or insignificant role in comparison with man.. The media constantly have publicized and held up the abuse of women over time. A woman is subjugated by media so as to endorse the sale of merchandise, and to generate a craving and awareness in objects totally unconnected to gender. When it comes to offensive images of youth and attractiveness, women far exceed men in media representation. (Croteau & Hoynes, 2003)

The imagery of women is still being centralized on femininity appeal and gender characters. Women are portrayed as sex objects, or they are entirely disregarded or considered as insignificant individuals. Their bodies are objectified in mass media images. The persistent popular media still endorses a typecast of male and female signifying women should be delicate and domestic (Croteau & Hoynes, 2003)

When it comes to aging, the media drives the message that a woman should stay attractive. It pushes women to concentrate on improving their looks using anti-ageing products. For women, aging is undesirable, and they need to conceal the unwanted changes in appearance. On the other hand, men are not so concentrated to meet such standards. There is no similarity in these messages because whereas age is totally insignificant for men, the media requires the women to bother on the subject of aging.

Buy custom Gender and Culture essay

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