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Task 1

I have a feeling that globalization will surely be a good and a bad idea at the same time. However, its impact will rely on the manner in which it is implemented across the world. It is true that the world has eventually emerged as a global village with many people from different countries and cultures connecting through the internet. I believe that globalization should not be a thing to pressure or force into the world. However, it should be something that happens in a natural and systematic way. Rushing into globalization will probably lead the world into critical repercussions since the world will be manipulated.

Moreover, I like the way Marcelo presents the thoughts if people can stay without flags. This is truly a factor to consider as people remain patriotic to their nations. However, there is the idea of being different from people in another nation or culture. That can be termed as diversity that eludes from different cultures, languages, school of thoughts and races among others. It is vital for one to remain patriotic to his or her nation and be part of a country’s history and culture by holding tight to the facts that the flag of the land represents. However, cultural merging can have serious implications since that means one culture will either open up and take the other culture or entrench and oppose the other culture. However, globalization can happen naturally and its implications will be positively felt. 

Task 2

  1. Nanobots: Noun-machines that have certain levels of autonomy and have the ability to reproduce. “Nanobots will cure cancer by intervening directly with the diseased…. (Gleiser).”
  2. Scientific Utopia: Noun-a society that is created by the use of science. “But how realistic are visions of scientific utopia, of a world made better… (Gleiser).”
  3. Modus Operandi: Noun-method of operation. “Through the percolation of the scientific modus operandi of sharing information… (Gleiser).”
  4. Fundamentalism: Noun-strict adherence to any course or discipline. “One of the most obvious and terrifying responses to tendencies of cultural merging is the upsurge of fundamentalism (Gleiser).”
  5. Dystopian: Adjective- a society made up of human misery. “I fear that the utopian world of the future will have a very dystopian bend to it (Gleiser).”

Buy custom Globalization essay

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