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Industrial Applications of Enzymes

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Most of the industrial reactions are catalyzed by enzymatic reactions. Although in the past these commercial and industrial processes were facilitated using natural acids and heat, it was discovered that these processes would be more effective when catalyzed with enzymes (Illanes, 2008). Other benefits of enzyme catalyzed reaction in biological and industrial processes include energy saving, biodegradability, and are controllability of the reactions. For the enzymes to produce the desired results, they must be immobilized.

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Enzymes therefore serve a critical purpose in both biological and industrial processes. The following industrial processes depend on enzyme catalyzed reactions: brewing, baking, fermentation, pharmaceuticals, starch processing, and textiles (Aehle, 2007). Some of the enzymes uses in the industrial or biological processes are as discussed below.

A perfect application of enzymes in biological processes is the use of protease in making washing powders and other soap detergents. Protease helps in breaking down protein stains especially at relatively low temperatures. This implies that use of protease in making soap detergents is an energy saving method which makes clothes gentler (Aehle, 2007).

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Another enzyme with greater economic benefit is pectinase, which is used in modification of foods. The enzyme (pectinase) is drawn from pectin substance which is obtained from the cell walls of plants and animals. This substance (pectin) helps in holding structures together. Pectinase are therefore a group of enzymes charged with the responsibility of breaking down pectins substance for industrial application (Aehle, 2007; Illanes, 2008). These enzymes are particularly used to digest vegetables and fruits in baby foods. Besides, pectinases are essential in extracting fruit/vegetable juices.

Because of their catalytic abilities, enzymes play a significant role in medicine and health processes. Protease is used by medics to clean wounds, thus accelerating the recovery process. Given the complexity of chemical synthesis in drugs manufacturing, enzymes are used in performing chemical conversions (Aehle, 2007; Illanes, 2008). In conducting analytical tests, diabetic uses paper strips impregnated with the enzyme (glucose oxidase) in monitoring blood sugar levels. Therapeutic enzymes have medicinal value as they are used in solving enzyme deficiencies and in treatment of haemophilia (Illanes, 2008). 

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