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Influences of Environmental/Geographic Factors

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The availability of fertile land and natural sources of energy facilitated the development of the United States. Availability of expansive farmable lands and water resources are the main factors that led to the development of human societies in Mesopotamia. The assertion that availability of fertile lands was a major factor in the development of the United States relies on the fact that high agricultural production spurred the rapid development of industries due to availability of raw materials for various industrial purposes. Furthermore, fertile lands promoted high crop yields, which could adequately feed the expanding population. Adequate food supply and availability of raw materials for industries created conditions favorable to the growth and development of the United States. The justification of the availability of natural energy sources as a major factor in the development of the US relies on the fact that industries consumed large amounts of energy in various stages of the production process. In this regard, the increase in farm production and expansion of industries depended on the abundance of energy sources such as coal and oil (Peacock, 2008). Furthermore, the availability of energy played central role in the development of the transport sector. Heavy machinery such as locomotives and cargo ships consumed millions of tons of coal, as they were the major means of moving bulky goods between different locations. Later, the development of development of diesel and petrol engines required high large volumes of oil to power machines. The justification on the reasons for human development in Mesopotamia relies on the fact that there was abundance of fertile lands between river Tigris and Euphrates that water carried downstream from the mountains and spread across the flat land where the people of Mesopotamia settled. Adequate water supply from the two rivers enables the people of Mesopotamia to counter long dry seasons by engaging in irrigation farming which ensured adequate production of food crops throughout the year. The suitability of Mesopotamia as a farming region caused an explosion of population growth.

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Mesopotamia, as an economic hub, relied on agricultural products from Egypt. In this regard, Egypt extensively expanded its agricultural production and grew economically due to trade between the two societies creating an economic diffusion that led to the civilization of the two societies. This is because all the basic needs were readily available. 

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