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Information System Briefing

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Information is data that is processed and carries meaning to the intended recipient. There are various methods of transmitting information in organizations to their various recipients. Organizations install information systems that are networks through which information is sent to different recipients. There are different processes that organizations engage in acquiring their preferred information systems (Glaser, 2002).  This paper looks at the process for selecting and acquiring an information system in a hospital organization. It also highlights the goals that drive the choice and the influence of the stakeholders in determining the system acquired.

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Selecting, acquiring and implementing an information system require adequate knowledge of the organization, the information to be transmitted and the goals of the organization. It also entails taking account of the stakeholders from employees, customers and the management among others. The significant goal of healthcare institutions is to provide the best healthcare to its clients, which influences the selection of the information system to be acquired. The healthcare facility has to decide on the information to be included in the system that relates to the overall objective and vision of the facility. Information relayed in the system acquired needs effective and efficient providence of services. This helps in achieving the overall goals of the organization. Healthcare information system has to achieve efficiency in aiding delivery of services to the patients (Glaser, 2002).   

The stakeholders are the significant group that drives selection and implementation of information system. These stakeholders consist of nurses, laboratory technicians, physicians, patients, drugs suppliers among others. Their needs are essential components to input in the information system, as well as, influencing in the selection process. The physicians and nurses would have their needs taken to account on how the information system helps in their service to the patients. The system should help make communication and service delivery better than the lack of the system (Teich et al., 2002). The system should ease the flow of advisory service from the physicians to the patients. It should also assist to ease communication among the healthcare professionals within the hospital.

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The patients are the prime clients of healthcare facilities. The information system should cater in detail its advantages to improving service delivery to the patients. The system should be adequately elaborate to help in minor essential details required by patients without contacting the healthcare professionals. The suppliers and associates to the healthcare facility are significant in the operations of the facility. The suppliers would have their interest catered for to help guarantee their communication and deals with healthcare facility.

Other significant factors to cater for in the selection and acquiring suitable information system include; the cost of the system, which is decides the selected option for acquisition. There are two viable options in acquiring the information system for the healthcare facility. The facility would choose either to purchase a readymade system or to employ technicians to work on a customized system. In addition, the adaptability of the information system to the skills and capacity within the healthcare facility would help in selection on the system acquired. The adaptability of the system to the personnel in the healthcare facility is paramount as it shows whether there is need to carry out training to the personnel (Glaser, 2002).  

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Various factors should be catered for in the selection and acquiring of an information system in the healthcare facility. The stakeholders’ interests, organization’s goals as well as the budget at hand should be the significant driving factors in choosing an effective information system.

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