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Data can be collected in a number of ways. The information obtained in articles and sources has to have a valid background. For a source to be ascertained as reliable and trustworthy, the web address must have a correct Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that is the internet address has to be correct and can be tracked back. Fleming says “it is more difficult to validate information if you do not know the credentials on the author.” (2013, para. 3).

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In the document “Mobile Phones and Driving Safely” retrieved from the Wikipedia site, the URL is in a correct format. At first glance, one may be tempted to use it as a source, but this site is not reliable because no author has been provided, the date of publishing is not known, and anyone can edit the text. The article retrieved from GHSA site has a date of publication, it is closed to the public for editing. The site provides adequate information to verify its own sources and the findings of their data. Thus, this site is legitimate to be used for a college essay, whilst Wikipedia is not legitimate enough be quoted.

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“Plagiarizing on the other hand is something totally different as it is just blatantly copying another person’s words.” (“Articles: Types of Plagiarism,” n.d.). This is in comparison to understanding previously written work in line with a research topic. There are two main cases of plagiarism: referencing, where one alters the text and the other case where no references are availed. John’s case of copying his textbook word for word is wrong. This is a case of not-referencing plagiarism. He is not reading to understand but taking a shortcut by copying.

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APA’s In-Text Citation is designed in such a way that writers avoid plagiarism by incorporating someone else’s work in parenthesis. The Reference Page is to link with the work quoted in the text, giving all the information required to track the citations given in-text content.

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