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The question of leadership as related to gender and race is worthwhile and extremely interesting to consider, especially because of the rapidly changing reality of today’s world. The strategies for successful leaders rarely explicitly state whether they are written with or without racial and gender considerations. While reading through the given manual one is eager to ask the authors some clarifying questions. It seems logical, though, that some of the strategies described in the manual should work for virtually any leader while the others can be less successful in certain contexts.

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The ideas of managing the conflict and being able to delegate the responsibility should theoretically work for all leaders, regardless of gender or race. At least, these areas pose similar problems to all leaders. As a person in charge of some major change, it is important to avoid the temptation to do everything by oneself. Any person undertaking such a task can benefit from delegation of certain activities to other employees. In the majority of today’s companies, there is no problem working under the leadership of a woman, for instance, that is why delegation should not be a challenge. Managing conflict is similar in a sense that it important to realize that the occasional complaints may just be the needed tension for effective work environment.

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On the other hand, the management of personal fears, inclinations, or habits may manifest itself differently depending on the leader. It is true that stereotypical white males still experience similar insecurities, but they might be more accustomed to dealing with them due to literally the centuries of practice. The representatives of other races or gender may be more sensitive to what seems like a personal attack. They can be more liable to prove themselves worthy and efficient and as a result experience burnout more frequently.

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To summarize, any manual should be assessed carefully in terms of the intended audience. The authors might claim the universality of the advice but a deeper insight is required to ensure this fact. Being a successful leader involves consulting all available sources to form a flexible strategy for dealing with major decisions and risk-taking.

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