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Learning from Success

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Success is achieving what one aspires in the desired field of interest. There are ideas, strategies, and policies implemented to achieve success in all spheres of interests of human beings. Success can be in personal sphere, in business management, politics, as well as in sports competitions, and many others. It is true that people learn more from failure than from success. This paper highlights the main policies that cause failure after success, as well as, how to handle and learn from success.

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The article by Gino and Pisano (Harvard Business Review 69) titled “Why Leaders Do Not Learn from Success”, elaborates three main factors that may contribute to this trend. Their results are backed by the facts from a study they did on various outlined examples. These include an extensive study of Ducati Company. The failure is a significant stimulant to managers in their critical thinking on why it occurred. Success, on the other hand, is perceived by the managers as the culmination of their previous efforts to get the desired results. There are highlighted reasons why failure is imminent soon after achieving success including; attribution errors made by the managers and staff from the collected evidence of success. Just like in the Ducati scenario, managers chest thump themselves and their policies disregarding any luck and external factors contribution to their achievement. Second, the failure to encounter increment in confidence from achieving success is a contributor to failure in expected successive results. The managers get overconfident with their policies and do not alter them for successive business periods despite facing different challenges. They presume their policies worked well even after the first achievement. The failure to query the reasons for achieving success in business and other events that people undertake, lead to eventual failures. It is prudent to ask why and what factors, as well, the policies led to achievement of success to learn from the success they have experienced.

The article argues that it is good to celebrate success as it is an achievement, but also it is prudent to examine and critic the factors that propelled that success. It is advisable to have correct time horizons in measuring the advantageous effects of a policy that might be leading to success. This helps identify which periods are productive and which ones impede on the achievement process. It is good to experiment various policies that brought about achievements in successive periods, to help managers understand their viability to current challenges facing their organizations. The article’s argument holds weight through the examples of successful businesses from which there are results indicating successive achievement.

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The article by Gino and Pisano (Harvard Business Review, 73) has highlighted the best ways to learn from successful periods for people with various aims. Learning from success is difficult compared to when one experiences failure. Eventually, the achievement of successive results in all fields and industries that people have interest in would be achieved through the discipline and continuous study of their effective policies.

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