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Live like There Is no Tomorrow

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Robert Herrick’s poem “To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time” narrates about the preciousness of being young. Youthfulness, in his view, is momentary and should not be wasted. In his opinion, it is wise for one to marry early, reasoning that prime years go by fast.

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In all respects, this is an archaic approach towards life. Present day mindset is too far from survivalism concept. Centuries ago it was necessary to start family life at a young age in order to have children earlier. Children grow up and become a support for the whole family. Today’s lifestyle is more geared towards the technological and financial development. Credit systems, medicine, technology allow most of people to stay independent and have no need in others to support them. Furthermore, expansion of the intelligent work creates a plethora of new ideas and trends that are far beyond the old mentality.

Robert never stops to exclaim that time is “a-flying” and one should not wait for too long to marry. As a matter of fact, back in the old days, hard work and diseases shortened people’s lifespan tremendously. Therefore, persons had to become adults at a young age; whereas modern quality of life is much higher and average lifetime is much longer.  

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Moreover, being young is more psychological than physical issue. Staying young on the inside is more vital than on the outside. Physical body is merely a temporary costume given to the observer to experience this world. Some individuals, being in their prime, still complain about ageing. The author was very likely to have had those features.

Herrick’s piece of poetry contains reasoning that is of the mandatory attributes. Similarly, religious dogmas and rites are imposed on people’s minds. However, literature should be inspired with infinite to resonate with many.

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