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Montreux Jazz Festival

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Montreux Jazz Festival is one of the most prestigious music events in Europe. Since 1967, when the festival was founded, it has opened many stellar jazz names. Today it is a place of meeting for international celebrities and a launching pad for young talented musicians. The organizers of this legendary festival a few years ago said about the wider range of music presented there, so now the Montreux Jazz Festival is a festival where mixed the sounds of rock and pop music, rhythm and blues, soul and blues, techno, reggae and other styles of music.

Charming and cozy Montreux in July became a city of international importance. It attracts bohemians and bohemian fans from around the world to listen to jazz. During the festival, jazz club, parks and Vernex and Rouvenaz are under non-stop music: songs, improvisation, excellent cuisine countless cafes and restaurants, communication under the moonlit sky are all over. And such entertainment lasts until the morning.

Already in the first years of existence, the festival gained worldwide fame, Montreux glorified throughout the world. Each year, the format of the music event changed: duration of festival is getting longer, the participants are all varied, and the festival has evolved from a modest celebration in one of the biggest and most prestigious music events in Europe. Thanks to Nobs who turned it into a gathering place of jazz lovers from all over the world. He was first who brought to Europe Aretha Franklin, at this festival were Ray Charles, Miles Davis, David Bowie, Quincy Jones and other stars.

Those who want not only to listen to music, but also to participate in the action, may demonstrate their ability to dance samba or salsa. The phenomenon of the Montreux Festival, which attracts two hundred thousand visitors each year, is in the special atmosphere of the holiday. During the festival the whole city is just looks like one big scene. Music can be heard all over the city as if it immersed in the vortex of its own unique rhythm of jazz tunes.

The city is filled with people eager for good music. Each day of the program that includes the world-famous musicians is so full of important events that sometimes do not have time to calm down after one performance that one has to run to the next. Since the beginning of the festival on the stage already performed Bob Dylan, Juliette Greco, Hugh Laurie, Van Morrison, Chick Corea and Bob McFerrin, Katie Melua, Rufus Wainwright, Isfar Sarabski, Tony Bennett and others. Also at the festival came Natig Rhythm Group from Azerbaijan, performing traditional tunes on national instruments.

Main festival area is located in the complex of Stravinski Auditorium, where major festival concerts performed every night in two rooms, Stravinski Hall and Miles Davis Hall, named after famous musicians of the past. Here are the stars of the first magnitude. Musicians say that there is great acoustics in the halls.

Incidentally, neither euro nor dollar or Franks does not apply here. At the festival is only one currency called the “jazz” that is a copper coin with a hole in it. The author of this invention is Claude Nobs. Vendors that provide the “jazz”, get a good tax credit. In such way the government supports the festival.

Over the years Montreux Jazz Festival has been one of the most original and innovative in the world and it is the biggest event in the world of music. It should be noted that enchant nature and unique mood of the city is presented by a variety of sculpture associated with the annual Montreux Jazz Festival.

Buy custom Montreux Jazz Festival essay

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