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What is an International Organization

An International Organization is a worldwide body made up of global coalitions from diverse nations.

What purposes do International Organizations Serve?

The purpose that an International Organization serves depends on the welfare of their associate States. States set up and expand international organizations to accomplish objectives that they cannot attain on their own. The principal functions given to international organizations are the study or the compilation and distribution of information; setting worldwide up to standard norm; developing cooperation through meeting; employing procedural cooperation activities.

What types of International Organizations are there?

Thethree main types of international organization are: inter%u2011governmental organizations, international non%u2011governmental organizations, and multinational enterprises.

Give 3 examples of regional Intergovernmental Organizations

3 examples of regional Intergovernmental Organizations are the European Committee for Standardization, the European Committee for Electro technical Standardization and the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements.

Give 3 examples of Intergovernmental Organizations with specific/narrow mandates

The three Intergovernmental organizations with specific/narrow mandatesare the International Organization for Standardization, the International Electro technical Commission and the International Telecommunication Union, established in 1947, 1906, and 1865, respectively and have all lived for more than 50 years. They have instituted tens of thousands of principles covering nearly every possible topic. These three organizations together embrace the World Standards Cooperation association.

Why is the number of International Organizations increasing in today’s world?

The number of International Organizations is growing in today’s world because of the surge in demographic structural systems as an outcome of decolonization, globalization and augmentation in the number of international problems.

What is the mandate of the United Nations?

The mandate of the United Nations is to preserve global harmony and security in accordance with the ideology and purpose of the United Nations

8. Please name the 6 main organs of the United Nations & briefly explain their role

The 6 main organs of the United Nations are:

General Assembly

It is the main deliberative organ of the UN and is comprised of delegates of all Member States. The work of the United Nations continually originates mainly from the authorization given by the General Assembly. 

Economic and Social Council

The Economic and Social Council, set up by the UN Charter, is the main organ to organize the monetary, communal and associated work of the United Nations and the focused group and institutions. 

International Court of Justice

The International Court of Justice is the chief judicial organ of the United Nations.  It resolves legal disagreements among states and provides advisory views to the UN and its dedicated agencies. 

Security Council

The Security Council has a principal duty, under the UN agreement, for the safeguarding of global peace and safety


The Secretariat performs the day-to-day functions of the Organization.  It services the other major organs and carries out responsibilities as diverse as the matter dealt with by the UN like overseeing peacekeeping process, assessing financial and social tendencies,

Repertory of Practice of United Nations Organs

This is an officially authorized publication holding critical studies of the conclusions of the chief organs of the United Nations.  It is a complete review of the resolution of United Nations Organs and serve up to throw light on queries of application and analysis of the UN Charter in practice.

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