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Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op (BBFC) is a non-profit community organization, which aims at grouping people and buying fresh food for little money. It gives the opportunity to get a basket full of high-quality produce three times cheaper than in a grocery store, which is very helpful for those who try to save money. Moreover, since the baskets contain mostly fruit and vegetables, the co-op stimulates people have a healthier diet. There is also a possibility to get 100% organic produce if one wishes.

“Bountiful Baskets” was created by two women who had run small food co-ops before and wanted to help more people save money on healthy food. Since this activity is not a business and is fully volunteered, it is socially responsible. Hundreds of families from 16 states are a part of this community organization, and they can create new sites for more people to involve. There are no employees and every participant can and is encouraged to help with preparing the baskets from time to time. Furthermore, if a customer does not pick up a basket, the community usually donates it to a local fire station.

To add to all mentioned before, the organization can extend its social initiative. As an option, all those who wish can pay a dollar or two more for a basket, thus giving this money for charity, e.g. for an orphanage or a nursing home. Another example of social initiative can be an action “Take a basket for your neighbor”. Thanks to these programs, more and more indigent people can receive produce.

Such initiative can have ethical and moral effects on every participant and society in general. A customer begins to take care of other people, think about their needs, and eventually become more responsible. The volunteering idea of the organization has the positive effect on the person’s conception of the world and his/her willingness to make it better. 

Buy custom Organizational Profile essay

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