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P2P Networking

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It would be inappropriate to regulate internet P2P networks as a means of deterring illegal activity. A P2P network is essentially a protocol or a working frame for transfer of data, nothing wrong with it. As such, it is the responsibility of users to observe cyber rules. Regulating P2P networks is similar to monitoring phone networks to deter illegal activity that occurs with them. Regulation should be left to the networks themselves (Morley, 2011).

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Both people and organizations should practice self-regulation to try to avoid or minimize the amount of illegal activity that may take place in their respective P2P networks. Illegal sharing and downloading of copyrighted materials constitutes an extremely serious offence. Organizations or persons whose P2P networks serve as a channel for illegal activities are not responsible for the illegal activities. The copyright holder can pursue the illegal user, but not the owner of the network. This is because transporting systems are not responsible for the contents they transmit. In essence, a P2P network is simply a protocol for data transfer. Therefore, holding the owner of the network responsible is similar to holding an airline responsible when a drug dealer uses their flight services (Morley, 2011).

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I would probably use P2P networks to search for movies or music previews, but only if a sample was not available on YouTube and other sites. However, P2P network downloads do not match those of Steam, iTune, and Amazon in terms of quality, honesty, and reliability.

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Both BitTorrent and Limewire are legitimate P2P networks as they only facilitate sharing of personally owned content. Unlike YouTube, which often facilitates sharing of illegal and personal content, BitTorrent and Limewire often use copyrighted contents so that users can avoid paying for them. However, they do not attempt to ban users posting illegal content or remove copyright content. As such, they are not making a faithful effort to work with copyright holders (Morley, 2011).

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