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Persuasive Letter to Potential Customers for All Inclusive Tours and Safaris

Buy custom Persuasive Letter to Potential Customers for All Inclusive Tours and Safaris essay

The present technological advancement has realized an increase in Tour and Safari firms. However, such progress has continuously instigated the “we’re walking, we’re walking” stereotype. Although, such labels were initially meant to be jokes, their constant usage have many times left both local and international tourists on tears because of the trivial information and tone that associates tour with old fashion and mockery despite the fact that .

It is because of such myth that I am writing this letter, to draw your attention as our esteemed customers on why you should consider contacting “All Inclusive Tours and Safaris” whenever you need fascination during your tour of various places. At “All Inclusive Tours and Safaris”, we not only believe on the role of tour guide as a means of enhancing fascination of our clients, but also the importance of private tour guide as well as public tour guide. As such, we have designed fascination driven tour and safari guide services which drums the reason for considering “All Inclusive Tours and Safaris” as your better option for all your tours as outlined below:

First and foremost, as our customers, you should consider “All Inclusive Tours and Safaris” for your entire tour guide because of its tailor made private tour guide option. Our private tour guide option has been customized to ensure that one receives a vacation designed specifically for himself/herself and his/her family members. Ideally our private tour guide was designed to eliminate the anxiety of large tour buses, inability to visualize desired sites appropriately and private among others. However, with our newly launched private tour guide, such challenges have become history thereby making “All Inclusive Tours and Safaris” the best option for one to realize the intended fascination. For instance, our private tour guide will offer tour van/bus for only the said family, ensure tour guided on the client’s needs, limited time wastage, automatic blending with locals and personalized private attention.

Secondly, our public tour guide has been given a new design of medium to large tour groups. This implies that the “All Inclusive Tours and Safaris’” new public tour guide can still be as competitive as the private tour guides though at a much reduced cost. For instance, our medium buses could still accommodate between 10 – 20 or 15 – 25 persons depending on the number. We further reserve and allow specific groups or more than one family that wants tour and safari services together, to do so without being deprived of their privacy.

Lastly, “All Inclusive Tours and Safaris” has considered the time difference, need for arrangement, and language/itinerary in tour and safari. In-line with time, we have introduced tours lasting between 3 hours to around nine days based on our client’s needs. With regard to arrangements, our driver-tour guides are not only trained, but are passionate in ensuring that all your tour and safari arrangements are taken care of. The other issues that has posed a challenge and stereotype among tourists is itinerary and language. Nonetheless, such challenge no longer exist in “All Inclusive Tours and Safaris’” culture. That is, we employ tour guides who are well versed in both local and more than one international language. Our guides are also trained and have experience in tour and safari thereby equipping them with the routes to and within the visit region.                  

Considering the factors highlighted in this letter, it goes without say that, your tour guide will not be complete if you do not receive the fascinations offered by “All Inclusive Tours and Safaris” at various beautiful coastal beaches, mainland-warm weather, wildlife experience and friendly people.

Consider making enquiry and placing an order with us at our address, telephone or website below for your dream tour and safari needs!  

Buy custom Persuasive Letter to Potential Customers for All Inclusive Tours and Safaris essay

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