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Producers and Consumers

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Organisms can play the roles of producers and consumers. Producers are the green plants that create organic compounds from the simple inorganic substances. The organisms produce their food with the help of sunlight and usage of the energy to produce sugar. These plants make the most out the sugar, also named glucose, to produce different products for consumption, such as wood, leaves, roots, and bark. The environment helps to producers create energy. Another name for these organisms is autotroph. Trees, such as oak, and the grand American Beech, are instances of producers.

Consumers receive energy from the bonds of carbon which the producers made. Another definition for a consumer organism is a heterotroph. Consumers are representatives of many kinds of the organisms that cannot produce their own food. Consumers have to live on producers to survive. The representatives are deer, who eat different types of plants; bears are another instance of consumers, who eat blueberries, bugs, acorns, and a great deal of nuts.

Producers can survive without consumers. The organisms are provided with sufficient number of nutrients. The organisms have the function that provides their existence during the living. Consumers, on the contrary, cannot live without autotroph organisms which supply them some kinds of food to help survive. The food chain plays the important role in the environment and connections between living beings. If it can be broken, for example, some kind of species will disappear; the whole food chain can be changed or petered. The usual food chain in a field ecosystem can be: grass → grasshopper → mouse → snake → hawk.

There are many examples to confirm that ecosystem can be unaffected in the case when the representative refers to not only one food chain. It can consist of: wolf ← antelope ← grass → deer → wolf. In such food chain, all living beings can survive  without breaking the ecosystem in the location.

Buy custom Producers and Consumers essay

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