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Project Themes

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Earth satellites have had a revolutionary impact on society and on art. They have exploded the range and speed of communication and have made possible the internet.   Explore this paradigm shift and its impact on art and design.

The designs of satellites have resulted into development of solar power with the reach above the labs ad onto the needs of the public agenda. It has allowed global networking activities and explaining many occurrences in the earth’s surface ad recording of information as well as creation of renewable sources of energy that result into prevention of dependence o fossil fuels. It has been possible to like scientific communities in various parts of the world ad facilitated the functioning of labs for the purpose of advancement of knowledge as well as the use of solar-based satellites illustrating may applications that the earth can be made use of.

The design of satellites has resulted into high –impact digital art that has resulted into high knowledge in science, engineering a business plans that has promoted understanding and acceptance of a path forward in the use of space satellites that assist in delivery of energy to various parts of the world (Gosling 89).

The inventions of satellites have been significant in development of cheap and open building ideas based on understanding of atmospheric conditions that affect building construction such as the existence of snow falls and weather patterns. It has resulted into creation of arts materials that support current weather conditions such as the design of clothing and protective wear. The use of satellites has also resulted into establishment of art works that are produced by prominent artists which convey important information that can be shared by artists in various parts of the world. It has thus been possible to convey the messages contained in artworks to various parts of the world such as through connections provided by the use of satellites. It has also been possible for many artists to get noticed in various parts of the world through connection to their clients via satellites. It has also been possible to carry out experimentation with the use of satellites since it ensures that innovation is increased at low costs while experimentation process is improved. This has resulted into tremendous improvement in works of art and design of structures that address the needs of the world.

The use of satellites has also allowed sharing of information conveyed by artistic work by putting them in international spotlight thus ensuring these works of art receive maximum attention.

Energy is conserved in the Universe; it never changes except to morph from one form to another.  In design art, energy can be part of the design either implicitly as in the use of color to signify strength, or directly as in kinetic art that exhibits real motion.  There is even a movement called “Energy Art” that depicts energy using color, form, and composition to resonate with the observer (  Explore how energy flows and drives the elements of your design projects.

The design for the project, energy is considered as a factor that drives the design of the art work by use of certain colors that show the concern for conservation of energy due to the increasing worry of preserving the environment by providing art works which create awareness of the environment. The new project design is intended to promote the development of fine art to a level that I a manner that promotes the awareness of the need to conserve the environment by promoting green sources of energy. This involves the use of design colors that depicts the most burning issues of the era such as creating awareness of the need to change ad creating a powerful awareness of the need to ensure that energy is conserved in the environment. This project involves a creation of an artwork that promotes the use of Green energy sources thus expressing the concerns of environment.

The design of this project also involves the use of paintings that demonstrate vibrations with energy that capture the movement of light. For instance, the project is designed to create an idea of motion with speed. Colors have also been used to demonstrate motion, speed and light as various forms of energy. This results into depiction of energy as one of the most ephemeral qualities of life (Foothills Art Center 102).

The design has also been made so that it demonstrates energy as a universal concept. For instance, it shows that energy is a concept that morphs within the earth and cannot be created or destroyed. This is illustrated in the use of pictures and images where people create contact with each other thus exchanging energy. This shows that energy is an innate form sense for all human beings.

The Earth energy-balance is a topic of great attention.  Explore this topic emphasizing the various threats to the environment by current practices including the massive use of fossil fuels and the projection of CO2.  Discuss how your design processes takes the environment into consideration in the choice of materials.   You might also explore alternate energy sources not only for their clean-air benefits but also as practical replacements for fossil fuels.

There are many problems brought by the use of fossil fuels in current energy usage environment. These include environmental pollution. For instance, the process of burning coal can be considered a leading contributor to pollution and green house conditions. Pollution of the air can result into formation of toxins in urban areas in addition to formation of smog.

Burning of fossil fuels ca also results into catastrophic consequences such as global warming. When fossils are burnt, they emit carbon dioxide and other green house gases that result into global warming. This results into drastic consequences on the environment and a change in ecosystem as a whole. There are also excavations hazards associated with the use of fossil fuels such as mining accidents and destruction of aesthetic beauty of the environment. Furthermore, excavation is associated with black lung diseases that results from inhaling coal dust.

Since fossil fuels are considered the main source of energy, they are overused ad they are not renewable sources of energy and there has not been any efforts to reduce their reserves. Consequently, there is the possibility of its leading to scarcity of energy in the globe ad there is need to come up with alternate energy sources.

This project tries to provide an alternative to the use of fossil fuels by allowing users to adopt the use of other means of transport such as walking and the use of bikes. For instance, it has been observed that an average person ca bike a distance of three miles in the same way it would take to drive a similar distance on city streets. The use of public transport can also be used as a substitute for the use of fossil fuels such as petrol o individual cars.

It also promotes good practices of use of fossil fuels by reducing usage of electricity. This can be done by using lighting systems that reduces the use of electricity such as fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) that uses less electricity. It also promotes the reduction in usage of fossil fuels by promoting the use of building designs that result into improved building heating conditions and reduction of long-term energy use. The project also proposes that application of recommendations from leadership In Energy and Environment Design (LEED) program that provide evaluation of buildings to determine the efficient use of energy in those buildings (Downie et al, 56).

This project also advocates for reduction in transportation involved for food products. It has been observed that before foods products are processed ad distributed to consumers, they are move at least a distance of 1500 mile before they can reach their final consumers. This results into excess loss of fuel in transportation of these foods. It is recommended that the transportation of these fuels can be reduced by ensuring they are grown close to the consumers where transportation is limited. In addition, the growth of these foods is intended to be done using organic fertilizers which reduce dependence on inorganic fertilizers that are produced using fossil fuels.

The second law of thermodynamics states that change in a closed system either maintains the order of the system or decreases that order.  Thus, time has a direction toward enlarging the space of system possibilities and thus to a decreasing sharpness to pattern definition.  All things die.  Describe how the “arrow of time” (aging) can be anticipated as part of your work as a designer

The idea of arrow of time can be anticipated in the design project by assuming that everything that takes place is a function of time. It will be assumed that nothing can happen without being made to do so. The project will also be designed with a number of alternative ways in which it can be used. It will involve the application of the principle of entropy, a condition where the number of times the design of the system can be rearranged without having any consequence on overall appearance of the system. For instance, the video will include the use of different themes that involve the use of high entropy idea where it will be possible to rearrange the system of the design in different ways.

According to the second law of thermodynamics, the focus is in arrangement of particles only. It is based on the idea that the universe started in a very peculiar state. It would be difficult to distinguish between the future and the past.

This project anticipates the arrow of time by demonstrating the relevance of the present technologies and irrelevance of the past technologies through the use of concepts such as the big bang theory. Force instant, the depiction of force of gravity will be anticipated by coming up with design that demonstrates the role of gravity in pulling things towards the ground. Therefore, the project will depict a system controlled by gravity to be represented by a black hole while a more distributed force will be represented by a smooth body. This will act as an indication of low entropy of the body and smoothness is regarded to be unlikely but an explanation will be provided for this rare condition. The idea of emergence of inflation will be demonstrated in the design by an illustration of rapid burst of expansion such as inflation. This is because inflation is considered a factor that drove the creases by ironing out all conditions that existed after the big bang.

A logical demonstration by the project will involve an illustration showing inflation as one of the conditions of the arrow of time. The project will involve a video illustration of inflation as a continuous process that takes place in various places. This will be illustrated with the use of high entropy that resulted into a smooth universe. Consequently, the arrow of time of inflation acts as an anomaly in the field of high entropy. The project will involve an illustration of the possibility of enough of inflation to result into a number of universes, which contribute to a multi-universe condition. Thus the main objective of the project will be to provide an illustration of the existing universe as part of the vast multiversity as a result of inflation conditions.

Despite the idea of using this project to depict the explanation of the arrow of time as an idea that has present and future, it does not represent the reality that exists since it is not possible to have both present and future at the same time. This is because, by doing so, the past, future and present are depicted as taking place at the same time. On the contrary, this project tries to explain that the ere exists an idea that the mind can be thinking about the present, and knows what will happen in the future due to the perception of evolution that has been created by the brain. However, this ability has not been possible to recognize and this project tries to create awareness of the possibility of considering such ideas and tries to speculate that such ideas could be revealed in the future if there exists such a thing (Kiehn 123).

5.   The mechanics of traveling and standing waves is the foundation of the design of musical instruments and how they sound in a room.  Elaborate on your own efforts, including the use of computer technology, in managing sound that is essential to your artistic expression.

 The use of standing and travelling waves will be used in the design of the project by applying various principles of travelling and standing waves. The application of travelling and standing waves will be used to obtain a good acoustic mix that will be useful in understanding the concepts behind the project. The understanding of perception of sound will be useful in observing the operations of monitors to ensure they make the right decision and produce the required sounds. For instance, a stellar room will be used in the case where there is the need to obtain a stellar sound. This is attributed to the fact that some aspects of acoustics are completely subjective and depend on personal taste.

The major aspects of standing and travelling waves that will be implemented are the concept of reflection of waves. This is where bounces off from objects sound. In this case the angle of reflection is the same as the angle of incidence. In addition, since the shortest distance between two points is always straight line, the listener is able to hear the original sound before he hears the reflected sound. Since reflection has direct impact on sound quality, the system will be designed so that the effects of reflection of sound are minimized.

The other property of sound that will be accounted for is resonance. This is a condition where an object vibrates naturally. This is a phenomenon that can result into destruction of instruments if not accounted for. Therefore, the design of instrument will always ensure that the source of sound is not large enough to destroy the object. In addition, objects subject to resonance can cause sonic structures similar to standing waves in an environment. The design of acoustic instruments, therefore consider the role of standing waves and resonance to provide amplification of low level sounds. The design of the project will ensure damping materials are used to reduce resonance. This ensures problems brought to the use of monitors in transmission of vibrations are reduced. In the case where the monitors are large enough, they can be moved and placed on the stands of speakers that are not apt to resonance.

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