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Recommendation on the cable for the GBI networks

Buy custom Recommendation on the cable for the GBI networks essay

In the global history, many researchers have suggested various cables for network connection. The cables include the coaxial, twisted-pair  and optical fiber. These cables have their own physical characteristics that distinguish them from one another. Therefore, when selecting a network cable to use, one has to consider some factors.

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These factors are: the transmission rate; the resistance to electricity in order to prevent any interference; the cost; the flexibility and the ease with which one can operate; the wire type; and the designation of the Ethernet (Dean, 2006). They should be one’s guide in selecting the cable to use within the local area network or wide area network. In fact, if IT professionals do not consider these factors then the system will be prone to serious hazards such as fire.

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The coaxial cable has a good transmission rate, about 10 Mbps, that can connect to local area network and wide area network. The maximum cable length is 500 meters for the Thicket coaxial cable and 185 for the Thinnet one. It has a 50 ohms resistance which is good thing for LAN and WAN. Though, the coaxial cable is relatively cheaper compared to the optical fiber, but more expensive than the twisted-pair cable (Cabling, n.d)

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The Thinnet cable is flexible and hence the easiest to work with. The wire type for Thinnet is 20 AWG and 12 AWR for Thicket (Khatib & Alam, 2007). They have standard Ethernet designation of 10Base2 for Thinnet and 10Base5 for Thicket. Therefore, these are the main characteristics when it comes to selecting cables for these GBI networks.

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Buy custom Recommendation on the cable for the GBI networks essay

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