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Resilience as a Way of Focusing on the Central Idea of Child Molestation

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In my own understanding, resilience is the process of a human’s tendency to manage stress and difficulty. This coping may result in the individual going back to an earlier state of ordinary functioning or simply not showing pessimistic effects. Sometimes, resilience at later stages leads to better functioning. It is most of the time understood as a process and not a characteristic. There some ways of becoming resilient which include finding purpose in life, being positive in abilities, and developing social network among others. The situation at hand is about a girl being molested at a young age. This means that she was exposed to improper sex at a tender age. Molestation is a crime since it is an assault of a child by an adult. The event must be traumatizing in that the child takes ages to forget the moment it happened. In some cases, one develops strong hatred towards the opposite sex and at times chooses not to get married.

Molestation brings about many feelings that we have never felt before. Some of these feelings may take a long time to show up since most of the time, the young girls are determined to hide the whole incident. Some of these feelings include feeling angry, sad, and distressed, feeling different from others and lonely. Nightmares and memories are also part of feelings. Sometimes, a terrible dream brings the memories of the molestation to the young girl when we watch an image on television or hear a word which rekindles a representation in our mind of what happened. In cases like this, it is significant to get hold up and talk to someone.

Young girls often feel ashamed of what happened, and most of the time, they prefer being alone. The feeling can be made worse if a man boasts about it and even says that the lady asked for it. Molested young girls normally have various feelings and beliefs. They have an attitude and think that there is no point of living. As a result of that, they indulge into various characteristics. These include substance self-injury, abuse, suicide, rage, depression, tough relationships with women, discomfort with sex, self-concept and identity issues.

The events can be grouped in various categories such as the situation, and the situation, in this case, is child molestation. The second group is response, and one can respond in many ways such as hatred and being a loner. Some of the responses include anxiety, depression, guilt, self-loathing, post-traumatic stress disorder, anger, and re-victimization. The last group is the outcomes, and the lack of marriage is a common outcome of child molestation. Various lessons are learned in the video about molestation such as children get to know how to get their requirements adhered to. Often, physically abused children are unable to express their wants and ask for assistance. They should earn how to communicate their feelings, which enables children to detach these feelings from actions. For example, children must learn that it is adequate to feel annoyance toward someone, but it is not suitable to hit another person. They must learn to take accountability for their dealings, make decisions, and solve problems.

Buy custom Resilience as a Way of Focusing on the Central Idea of Child Molestation essay

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