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Revolutionary Road and its Relation to Liberalism

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Liberalism is a political ideology, which argues that for long-term peace, as well as favorable international relations to be achieved there are key factors that a nation should have. Among these factors are democratic rights for the citizens, commercial and established peace within the borders, and compliance to international law. Therefore, it follows that, for a healthy interstate relation and long-lasting peace to be achieved, the nation must first concentrate on its internal peace and democracy. In addition to these, the nation must also consider external factors that include international laws and liberal norms (Revolutionary road. 2008).

In “Revolutionary Road, April and Frank Miller and their two children have just moved into Revolutionary Road from their sub-urban home. Right from the start of the movie, viewers can relate their marriage to a failing one as the two are fighting. Frank does not like his job as a salesperson, an occupation similar to that of his late father, of whom he vowed never to resemble. On the other hand, April wanted to be an actor even though, she lacked the talent, yet she stayed at home as a housewife. Another problem is that April said she did not love Frank (Revolutionary road. 2008).

The two are in a disagreement as April wanted her family to move to Paris. On the other hand, Frank wanted them to stay in Revolution Road because he got a promotion. At the end of the story, April commits suicide and an abortion simultaneously. The couple who were role models in Revolutionary Road became hypocrites as per the new perception of the viewers. This movie can be used to show how the lack of internal peace within a state (relationship in the case of the movie) can damage international relations (how people view a marriage).

Buy custom Revolutionary Road and its Relation to Liberalism essay

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