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Secrets Behind Top Actress

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The first step to developing a top quality action is by recognizing that acting in itself a commercial venture just like other forms of businesses. Therefore it calls of massive resource investment into the career. Unlike other business enterprises that required financial investments, acting on the hand needs a both financial and human capital investment and commitment in order to succeed (Levy, 2003). Besides, acting is personal interest that is fun driven and must be made a personal initiative. The profession is very demanding and highly competitive, hence, it calls for an outstanding performance in order to prosper and match the dynamic market needs of the industry.

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To make a perfect actress, one must be very knowledge and posse exceptional talent in the field. In an interview with a senior actress, she revealed for the secrets to success in this field of perfuming artists. It starts with having a clear understanding and interpersonal skill. This must be backed by personal interest and passion to achieve. The understanding of the industry is a key to success in action (Levy, 2003). One needs to develop understanding of the industry and character motivation. Although this sounds confusing, acting is all about talent backed with passion and desire to achieve. Good acts are those who are realistic and honest to themselves by acting within their practical limits. Even those with little acting skills have the potential of building their acting skills. Finally in the interview, I realized that like Sir Olivier say, to make an exceptional actor or actress, excess external stimuli is not necessary in proving personal acting skills, the inner drive is the sole foundation to acting (Munden, & American Film Institute, 2007). 

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