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The security of the Americans is considered as the first important thing by the state and this has been exemplified by Guam Homeland Security Youth training on civil defense. This appeared on the Pacific News Center publication from Guam daily News updates. The most important agenda of this training was to put the young people in colleges and other institutions on a security alert always. This was done through training them on how to be prepared to counter any planned criminal activity especially attacks on the members of the public.

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Homeland Security in collaboration with its other related security agencies undertook workshop training on the youth trainers. This was aimed at ensuring that the trainees get the actual meaning and realize the seriousness of the program to the general reaction or proactive measures against impending or current disaster. This information is obtained from Guam Homeland Security   weekly report: in their briefs of January 28 – February 1 appearing on Pacific News Center Friday, 01 February 2013 10:17

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At the management level, it is important to note that training the Youth trainers may take various forms including the use of manuals. However, use of such materials may be hectic to the staff and inconvenient (Mikula, 2004). I would like to recommend in that case that modern modes be put into use and that may include use of projectors to offer tutorial training for the entire group at once. Alternatively, it would be very important to adopt the modern information and communication skills and the advanced technologically supported gadgets. This may include transfer of the notes in ipads which are portable and convenient. The management need to  direct these people to use USB to source the materials from the central point in a PC and use them even at home as this would be cost effective even to the company.

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