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Significance of Sullivan’s Conclusion

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The opening statement that is a warning carries a message of such magnitude that it makes the reader prepare their psychological state of mind for the worst, “Have fear…that’s what it teaches us”. (p. 339). Sullivan’s conclusion has a significance of acceptance, a prepared and ready state to take the animal’s head in the fight that they have declared upon the human species.

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The conclusion keeps the reader on the edge; if the beasts are planning to take mankind on just as Sullivan states, they have “claws and tentacles, nose that can lift and carry”, and mankind has “Opposable thumbs”; with these thumbs, man is going to make guns and fire on the animals and face them leading in the war for civilization.

In this declaration, the author mentions that “We gave them so much. That’s what galls me so much” (p. 339). Man has spent his life trying to fight for the survival of animals, for them not to go into extinction. However, the same animals that man has been trying to protect are turning around and waging war. This appeals to people in their livelihood. No one can be completely trusted, because once they gain leverage against you, they forget the help once rendered to them.

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However, in this conclusion, Sullivan is crying for the dominance that man is currently holding over beasts. He says, “but I’m sure we’ll never say the world is ours again, not sure we’ll ever feel at home here again” (p. 340). This statement clearly says that once animals fully take over, man’s works and existence will be wiped out.

However, the conclusion has a twist in it; when the author addresses the animals in Italian as“Animales”, he is sending a strong message to the animal kingdom that man is gunning it down from all angles. With such a mindset, man’s position on the planet might be threatened but he does not intend to givie it up soon.

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