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Smiling is a physical expression of positive emotions, which include pleasure, joy, affection and amusement. Smiling is part of the process of pursuing goals relating to the creation, sustenance of relationships in a social environment and the ability to distinguish different emotional states. Pleasure develops due to the recognition of stimuli that cause relaxation and performance cognition. For example, infants respond to smiles form their mothers that exhibit positive mirroring. The perception that one’s behavior can arouse pleasurable emotions in another person triggers smiling. Joy is a meditated arousal relating to an individual’s relationship with his or her social environment. Elements that create an accommodative and supportive environment cause smiling. Children start smiling before they develop a masterly of stimuli or effects in an environment (Gemelli, 1996). Overtime, a sense of value develops in association with parental mirroring. The impacts of affection on the behavior of smiling relate to variations in emotional attachment to stimuli. In this regard, an individual with significant reception of affection is likely to exhibit great physical expression of positive emotions. Amusement develops depending on the adaptability to the stimuli in an individual’s environment. The ability to distinguish humorous situation from somber moments leads to increased instances of smiling. Contentment significantly influences various aspects of positive emotions that trigger the behavior of smiling. A contented person has a high likelihood of developing emotions such as joy and amusement. The mirroring effect on physical expression of emotions increases the perception and reception of positive stimuli. An unaccommodating environment that entails mirroring of displeasure in communication hampers the nurturing of self-esteem, which is crucial to the development of positive emotions. The level of an individual’s control over stimuli that triggers positive emotions determines the degree of physical expression of emotions. Appraisal of positive stimuli determines the ability to exhibit positive emotions.

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