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The article “Designing Work Systems for Knowledge Worker” discusses approaches that will enhance productivity in an organization through collaborative efforts by all components of a knowledge work system. The realization of an effective and fruitful change process requires the inclusion of all concerned parties in various aspects of decision-making. Ignoring the input of workers in the formulation of change goals and objectives introduces numerous challenges, as the workers become unresponsive (William & Ronald, 1993). A knowledge work system that actively engages workers by creating framework through which workers express their views and concerns guarantees effective transformation in an organization. Both the short and long-term goals of a knowledge work system should acknowledge and protect the interests of workers.

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Aggregate and succession planning are crucial considerations regarding an organizations ability to compete due to their role in the achievement of strategic goals and objectives. Aggregate and succession planning helps an organization to plan effectively various aspects of management through development of a framework for managing aspects such as customer satisfaction, employees’ morale and job satisfaction and costs throughout various stages of production (Hall, 2003). In this regard, these kinds of planning ensure optimization of production through active engagement of workers and customers in defining aspects of demand and supply so that available products promote customer satisfaction and loyalty. Furthermore, by providing a framework for designation of roles and responsibilities, aggregate and succession planning ensure appropriate division of labor and improvement of leadership roles.

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The main barriers to organizational change are miscommunication, little or no involvement of employees and the lack of safeguard measures to cater for the resulting cultural shift (Burke, 2002). These factors influence employees perceptions regarding the goals and visions enshrined in the change processes. The process of organization change requires an all-inclusive approach in which members of an organization contribute can contribute to planning and execution of the change exercise without fearing that the change process will affect them negatively.

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