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The Four Chief Elements of Thought and Reasoning

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The Purpose or the Goal of Thought or of Reasoning

Basically, when one ponders over a certain issue, there is a purpose for doing so. Therefore, the goal of reasoning could be in identifying purposes that are conflicting or that differ from each other. Various individuals have diverse purposes and goals in their thoughts and actions of reasoning. Therefore, it is vital to clarify the main and the best purpose of reasoning. The question at issue as an element of thought and reasoning is incorporated in the above general element as it performs the same function of rising the problem to be solved (Andrew, 2011).

Point of View and Assumptions

These are two elements of thought and reasoning that fundamentally revolve around a similar role. On taking on an issue, individuals are much influenced by their own point of view. Any flaw in the point of view or edge of reference is a source of complications in reasoning. On the other hand, in reasoning, assumptions are unspecified reasons that are crucial in achieving the final conclusion (Andrew, 2011).

Experiences, Data, Evidence, Concepts and Idea

When applying thoughts and in the processing of reasoning, the derived conclusions ought to be formed on the basis of valid reasons and evidence. These aspects are vital in distinguishing opinions. In reasoning, observed evidence entails whichever evidence that can be practical either directly or indirectly (Andrew, 2011).

Interpretation & Inferences and Conclusion

All thoughts are supposed to come up with final results and implications. Implications can be either clear or inherent. A common error is to contemplate that implications must be unspecified. In addition, since reasoning is not static, any conclusion implies that there exist other aspects that are dependable with the precise conclusion.  Therefore, the process of thought and reasoning follows implications and consequences and there are implications that may be either negative or positive. Thus, it is vital to put in consideration all the potential consequence (Andrew, 2011).

Buy custom The Four Chief Elements of Thought and Reasoning essay

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