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The Holy Week in the Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic is located east of Haiti between North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Its capital is Santo Dominigo. Almost the whole population, that is ninety five percent, is Roman Catholic. As a result, its culture is embedded in the Catholic religion. Most Dominicans have to maintain different cultural standards. In dressing, for example, people give preference to business attire. Men should wear conservative business suits of excellent quality. The Dominicans might normally prefer wearing dark colored suits. Women, on the other hand, ought to dress elegantly and adorn themselves with jewellery and make-up. Women in the Dominican Republic should give preference to stylish dresses and fashionable suits.

In the Dominican Republic people should not forget about polite manners. When one visits a friend, s/he ought to wait for directions from the host. For example, one should wait before taking a seat. The hostess must show the best place to sit. Table manners are also of significant importance for those who live in the Dominican Republic. One should hold a knife in the right hand and a fork in the left while eating. The host should also be the one to invite a visitor to start eating by saying words like “buen provencho”, which simply means “enjoy”.     

Most people celebrate the Holy Week in the Dominican Republic. During this week, students need not attend schools. In addition, most of the businesses close and families around the country reunite to celebrate. However, not all people celebrate this Holy Week. Some people continue with their daily activities, as usual. On Good Friday people must not eat meat. Nevertheless, some people still eat meat on this day violating the country’s norm and going against the Roman Catholic culture. In my opinion, people should follow the established religion without deviating from its norms and principles.

Buy custom The Holy Week in the Dominican Republic essay

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