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The Land Ethic Paper

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It goes without saying that humans have a duty to protect land and use it sparingly. This implies that in as much as we seek to benefit from land, there should be effort to conserve it as well. This is the only way that land can be preserved for use by future generations. For instance, it would be considered unethical if a farmer is to plough his or her firms down the hill such that water is able to carry most of the soil down slope. Eventually, the entire region will be completely eroded to the extent that it will become unfit for agricultural activities. As a matter of fact, such unethical activities will completely ruin agricultural productivity thereby ruining the future. It should also be noted that such land will certainly be impossible to stay in due unfavorable landscape. This certainly underscores the reason why land has to be taken good care of.

According to literature, the relationship between humans and land should mutually beneficial. It would be grossly unfortunate if humans were to benefit from land and their immediate environment while land is getting destroyed in the process. Land is a very important natural resource that humans cannot do without. The very livelihood of humans significantly depends on human beings. Man lives on land and uses land to generate food and every other thing that is necessary for life. It goes without saying that in protecting land, humans are also protecting their own livelihood. According to Chris Anderson, humans have an obligatory role to care for their environment. In fact, he considers it part of human ethics to protect and care for their immediate environment. It goes without saying that his article has played a significant role in enlightening the world about the importance of land ethics. 

Buy custom The Land Ethic Paper essay

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