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The Realist versus the Liberal Paradigms

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It is the general idea that the end of World War II marked the failure of liberalism theory in international relations. The League of Nations could not provide and sustain peace in the world. It became evident that the realism theory, despite its drawbacks and criticism, makes more sense in contemporary society. Founded by Machiavelli, Thucydides, and Hobbes, realism as a theory assumes that nation-states are the main actors of international affairs, rather than NGOs, IGOs, or MNCs. Of course, liberalism is an idealistic approach in international relations, as it reveals the utopian view of international affairs, which puts internal political philosophy among the main goals of the foreign policy. Therefore, all subjects of international relations should at least try to apply this theory in contemporary politics in order to respond to the new upcoming threats.  Therefore, I am more preferable to liberalism theory.

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It is evident that most political leaders in contemporary world embrace the “realist worldview”, which results in that some problems of contemporary politics cannot be solved. For example, this relates to the problem of terrorism, peacekeeping, environmental problems of the world, etc. To solve these problems, integrated actions of all countries are important. On the contrary, their realistic worldview results in that each country preserves only its own interests, and instead of negotiating and seeking for a consensus in such global problems, they only deepen the crisis and confrontation by protecting their own interests.

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In the U.S., Democratic Party is known to be in favor of liberal theory (W. Wilson was one of the main influencers of the liberal theory and a member of Democratic Party), and Republican Party stands for political realism theory. The least open to accepting the neo-liberal case for global free trade are the Conservative Tea Party members. 

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