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The Red Kangaroo

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Wonders of the world and fascinating facts about the creatures always take my breath away whenever I give a thought about it. The fact that these animals and creatures form an intriguing part of life, cultivate the craving to have adventures in different sections of the world. Each continent, as well as different parts of the world, has distinct animals that fascinate people and cause the feeling of awe when watching these animals. One may wish to have a life full of exploration of the world just to witness and enjoy the vast diversities and beauty of nature. One of the most celebrated and fascinating animals in the world is an animal whose locomotion is through leaping. The animal has a pouch and gives birth to non-fully developed young one. Crack the riddle!

It is the red kangaroo.  At first, I could not imagine that the pouch could withstand the weight of the young one without tearing apart. One tends to feel pity for the mother-kangaroo based on the hypothesis that may be the stretched skin may be painful. However, watching the animal closely, a person discovers that the animal is at much ease and feels comfortable with that “load” in the pouch. The pouch performs reproductive, protective and transitory function for the young one.  The fore legs and the head of the young kangaroo in the pouch are usually seen hanging outside the pouch. There are a thousand and one reasons why one needs to watch this iconic and magnificent creature. It is immensely entertaining watching an animal that has a pouch.  The creature symbolizes fascinating trends in evolution and creation. Some people say that the pouch and the closely folded forelimbs represent an animal as rather mean, since it uses the pouch to hind what it begs or receive from well-wishers.

Watching these animals requires a pair of binoculars, especially when watching them from far distance. However, it is a peaceful and humble animal to approach. Levine (2005) emphasizes that kangaroos are in large numbers in Australia, where the nature, environment and geographical characteristics favor them (212). Most of the Australian zoos have this animal, and the animal family forms the main tourism attraction factor throughout Australia.  The animal is well-watched during the rainy seasons of the year since it is mostly unwelcoming during summers. The temperatures and dry weather are scotching, it creates unease during the tour. At the summer time, the animal is also in the hind out taking cover in shades, and dehydration factor reduces its charming character.

The animal looks similar to that of llamas (Barraclough 2008), yet there are distinct features setting them apart. The animal has short fore limbs giving an impression of human hands. The identifying factor between males and females is the presence of the pouch. While the males do not have a pouch, the case is different among females. They are of different types - depending on the color, but the main focus in this paper is on the red kangaroo. The color is so appealing and engrossing that it forms part of the entertaining fact about the animal. Murray (2009) attests that a kangaroo has a long and thick tail that is used to maintain balance during locomotion (43). The tail is such a massive part of the animal’s body that, at first glance, one may infer that the tail is used for defensive purposes. The animal looks humble and meek. The look and the straightened ears offer an emotional appeal to the tourist. A kangaroo’s face looks more or less of a gazelle, but the red kangaroo does not have horns. During the mating season, males will often fight for females. The fight is done using the powerful hind limbs that are mostly bumping each other in the air. They also use their sharp claws in fighting the enemy intruding the territory.

One of the intriguing scenarios worth watching is when the mother is feeding the young one. It is quite difficult to tell that the animal has mammary glands till one watches the animal feeding the young one. The teats are concealed in the pouch. The young kangaroo deeps the mouth into the mother’s pouch and sucks the milk. The animal delivers an organism that has not fully formed. The creature meanders into the pouch where it continues its development with nutritional support in the form of milk from the mother. The animal has the capability to wean a mature kangaroo while, at the same time, feeding the other small animal in the pouch. The locomotion style of the animal is another form of a must-watch and eye-catching event. The animal moves in a hopping style using its powerful hind limbs. The hop and jump style of movement gives an idea of a flea, which also uses hind limbs for locomotion. Despite the weight of the animal, it is capable of hopping at an alarming speed that even four legged animal cannot keep up with. According to Levine (2005), the speed of a kangaroo is fast enough to beat the dingo – their habitat carnivores, but cannot be compared to that of cheetah (123). The distance covered in one leap is long enough to complete 100 meter race in just 12 hops. This form of movement is unique and quite amusing noting that most of the common animals use their four limbs for locomotion.  The animal can be termed as a miracle and a reflection of stunning crafting of the nature.

In conclusion, one finds it amusing watching the meticulously forged animal especially in a natural setting. The animal’s characteristics such as the locomotion, taking care of the young one, physical characteristics, the defensives mechanism, and the feeding style strongly allures and appeals to the eye of a tourist. A common myth about the animal is that it can be trained to operate computers, serve customers in a hotel, or even be employed as a receptionist. This is attributed to the composure the animal has while seated. It is one of the must-watch animals in the world for all those who love adventure. Even those people who hate animals may find themselves changing their opinion watching and taking care of these animals.

Buy custom The Red Kangaroo essay

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