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The Video by Ben Jones

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Although video art has been carried out before, there is something engaging regarding the work of Jones that involves modern aspects. Ben Jones is an artist who originates from Pittsburgh and has the experience of working with a number of diverse forms of creative means such as painting, video, and animation (Shin, 2013). His exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art’s PacificDesignCenter is different from other existing video art since it is more similar to a moving painting than a video clip with a story line.


The exhibition has been termed as a series of video set ups although, notionally that is true, it is likewise beyond that. The first floor of the PacificDesignCenter held a number of large-scale cinematographic paintings. Videos of RGB quality projected over florescent-tinted paintings in alternately discombobulating perspective geometric and flat geometric arrays (Lucking, 2013). The video canvases enclose short palpitating circles of internet and conversant pop culture, high-tech tropes comprising a dissonantly animated TV color test display changing into and submerging with their lined backgrounds in a suitable primer to what Jones terms as “The New Dark Age,” (Lucking, 2013). Running simultaneously in a rather small space, the works are not separately immersive; however, they are relatively, jockey for one’s concentration making obvious the struggle to craft and retain narrative pressure for a regularly abstracted viewers.

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Illustrating Jones’ personal contribution into both cultural circles trapped somewhere amid Ben-Jones-Serious-Artist and Ben-Jones-Commercial-Animator, it is a video suggesting a meta-storyline for the whole gallery. Rendering of the exhibition where one stands encloses a single male figure at its imaginary link (is it where one stands? One is puzzled where the projector is) droopily popping rebranded video tapes into play on an old-fashioned screen, monitoring the mystifying cavalcade of imageries one has just witnessed (Lucking, 2013).


Apart from being visually magnificent and mentally calmative, the work of Jones is in addition relevant to the present reflecting the current society. These days, the meaning behind works of art is not as vital as the artistic value. In an era when television, movies, and video games are attempting to roll in attention through employing contrived techniques such as neon signs and attractive slogans, there is a small room remaining for discreet, unexciting art to make an impact.

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I do not want to put down the significance of meaning behind artwork; however, I think that for art to be more reachable, it should be customized to current times. The span of attention of people is reducing day by day; however, the artwork of Jones is in line with people's mentalities.

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