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UK Public Health Policies

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1.1 Overview

Nutrition is a crucial factor affecting the health of a large population in the UK. There are a number of health crisis related to nutrition and diets such as diabetes, obesity, heart problems, stroke, eating habits, food and minerals intolerance among others. These conditions are on the rise and the there is every need for the formulation, implementation and enforcement of diet and nutritional policies. The research will excavate the existing policies on diet and nutrition targeting the university students. These are professionals who can help in enforcing and promoting health nutritional practices, thus, cutting down the health problem related to poor nutritional practices.

1.2 Identification of the topic area and definitions

According to Johnson, 2002, nutrition refers to the broad perspective of nourishing the body with the required elements needed to support a human body. O’Sulivan et al, 2008, defined diet is the selected food type that is aimed at improving one health. Another term that is crucial in this studya policy which refers to agreed doctrines that govern the operations of a given program.

Promoting healthful, nutritional habits can be effectively enforced through policies enforcement. Parents are vigilance in ensuring that their children mostly at educational sector below the university level observe proper nutritional practices. In addition, there are nutritional guidelines targeting the children and teenagers. Working adults have an advantage since number organization institutions have policies, norms and/or practices that aim at helping their employees to minimize nutritional-related problems. These individuals have also overcome the peer motivated unhealthy eating habits.

However, there is little knowledge on policies targeting the university students. Having the freedom to take control of their life, a lot of peer influence behaviors, educational stress and post adolescence effects increases the effect of unhealthy nutritional habits. Policies that addressed diet and nutrition, in a universal way may fail to address the university students’ problems. This is attributed to the broad range of differences in the population characteristics. Therefore, there is a need to analyzecritically those policies that touch the university generation.

1.3 Justification

Good nutrition will promote the individuals wellbeing, minimal sick and health assessments offs, and psychological comfort culminating to improved academic achievements in the university sectors. According to a report by The Food Commission, 2001, there is a direct link between the healthy nutrition and learning ability. A report by Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011, emphasized that there is a higher rate of nutritional problems at the initial stages in the working forces. The increasing policies that help in promoting proper nutrition will lead to a healthy population joining the working force.

1.4 Research objectives

The broad objective of the research is to analyzecritically the public health policies in UK among the university students.

Specific objectives:

To determine the impact of policies to students health

To identify the policies adopted in the university.

To determine the level of knowledge on the availability of the policies among the university students

To evaluate process of implementing the diet and nutrition policiesin universities

Buy custom UK Public Health Policies essay

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