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Understanding Human Behavior

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The case study approach to understanding human behavior can in other terms be described as qualitative research methods. Data retrieved in the course of the case study approach mainly depict the characteristics and qualities of a certain object or phenomenon. This method does not entail numeric figures but rather an analysis of emotions, human behavior, and personality traits.

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The case study approach has been noted to have a couple of strengths which are mentioned below. First, qualitative research reserves room for much flexibility which enables one to tackle user data at the point at which they are raised during a session. This is contrary to quantitative research, which calls for data standardization to support statistical comparison. Second, through data collection during a case study, researchers can easily detect trends by identifying identical statements among different respondents. The trends may be vital for making business decisions, development of new products, marketing strategies as well as understanding human behavior, in our case.

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On the contrary, the case study approach has its own weaknesses. First, the trends obtained from the process cannot be subject to statistical analysis by calculating effect size or p-value, as would be the case with a quantitative or survey approach, since data must be used with absolute care. The data should also be continually verified through an ongoing qualitative research program.  In addition, because it is impossible to automate qualitative methods of data collection as effectively as would be the case with quantitative data, it emerges as an extremely costly and time consuming process of collecting hefty volumes of data as opposed to the survey approach.

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