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Current Regulatory Trends in Occupational Safety and Health

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Brief introduction.

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It always makes sense to be safe on the workplace as well as work to protect one’s family and health. Besides, the employees should understand that the code of any working practice in dangerous environments could only be maintained safe if every individual worker follows the rules and guidelines for safety on the workplace. The compensation should be justified and another pizza party will not cover the health hazards. Therefore, it is important to understand that “people should work for the sake of their own ambitions and faith in the job they do, otherwise, the proper attention to the safety details along with its consequences would be difficult to accomplish” (United States Department of Labor, 2011).

Summary and analysis of the key points.

The outline of the article refers to the issues mentioned by the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) naming the key points of the health and safety conditions on the workplace. They include motivation of employees, various incentive programs and its possible violations, OSHA’s guidelines on the strong points that should be acknowledged by every worker, government regulations, both traditional and aggressive approaches to health hazards, compensation procedure and finally the challenge for people on every workplace. “The idea of OSHA is to regulate the current trends in terms of safety place of work in every environment by means of maintaining the best management practice offered in order to improve the situation and protect people from themselves during their work” (Stanley, 2012).

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Industrial Safety and Health Management concepts.

The critical evaluation of the key points discussed in the article addresses the very narrow-minded way of managing safety on the workplace. On the hand, this could lead to success as will be stricter in delivering the OSHA’s guidelines for people working in unsafe environments. On the other hand, the article should also reveal more adequate concepts of managing safety on the workplace for the reason that they were not covered in terms of OSHA but personal approach to its practice in the companies worldwide. At the same time, the article indeed supports the concepts addressed in the sixth edition of Industrial Safety and Health Management handbook. The core areas cover the health and safety management practice including the hazard processes, multiple ways to help eliminate an unsafe practice, and illustrate practical solutions to discourse the technological process on the workplace. An important emphasis of the textbook implies the means of control of the health and environment issues in terms of toxic elements, health cases, OSHA’s management information and research to ensure that all the concepts of safety workload are met from the professional point of view (Asfahl and Rieske, 2009).


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To conclude, the article would be more efficient for the sphere of safety on the workplace in case it provided a more detailed examination of the concepts covered in the OSHA along with the sixth edition of the textbook called “Industrial Safety and Health Management”. In any case, in every hazardous environment, every possible measure to protect health of people is to explain the employees the depths of their work along with the reasons why they work. This approach would serve as a better incentive program to manage safety (U.S. Department of Labor, 2011).

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