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Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic

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The two hospitals, Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic, are renowned and each of them has its own unique features that allow being the top-notch medical institutions offering quality medical care to their patients.

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Cleveland Clinic is known for delivering cutting edge, high-touch care. “The institution’s leaders designed a service offering that correctly aims to deliver experiences that customers want to have at a hospital, resulting in an attractive and competitive service offering” (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010). 

After close to 150 years, Mayo Clinic’s mission is still patient-centered as they help every patient through provision of a qualify care. The successful service is a result of collective work of clinical practice, education of the natives and carrying out research. True to their heritage, all three aspects of their mission are intertwined. Without research, knowledge does not evolve. Without education, the sharing of that knowledge, patient care cannot advance (Mayo Clinic, 2012).        

Mayo has a long history of combat medicine. According to the Mayo Clinic Magazine (Mayo Clinic, 2012),

“During World War I, the Mayo brothers helped establish Base Hospital No. 26, which deployed to France in December 1917. The base hospital received hundreds of wounded a day, and by the time it was demobilized a year later, the “Mayo Unit” had treated over 7,000 soldiers.”

The Mayo Clinic-Saint Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, is a voluntary non-profit hospital owned by the church.

According to the MIT online course materials (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010),  

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“Cleveland Clinic (CC) was founded as a nonprofit, group practice in 1921, at a time when medical care took place in individual doctor’s offices. Its founders served together as front-line surgeons in World War I, where they realized that working together to provide integrated, multi-specialty care to patients was effective. Clearly, the group practice model has endured and is now the predominant form of American health care delivery. CC also endured, blossoming one of the country’s largest health care centers with 27 community health centers, as well as three affiliate hospitals.”

Taking into consideration the performance of Cleveland Clinic retrospectively and according to US New and World Report rankings in 2006, it (i.e. the Cleveland Clinic) was one of the best peer hospitals of the US. Moreover, it was the third best hospital in the nation. “Their performance can be assessed based on customer satisfaction, growth, financial stability, and service innovations” (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010).

The customer satisfaction aspect of Cleveland Clinic is of a good record of accomplishment. What is more, it has earned high score for customer satisfaction at consistent basis with a score of 80 percentile of the America Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). Growth of any institution is of critical value to all stakeholders. It should be mentioned that CC has expanded its medical practice over the ninety years history, which has also shifted its rank to the second largest medical practice in the world. The leaders are focusing on establishing business overseas. They are also working towards attaining this objective as they look forward to the opening of Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi, which is set to be completed in the late 2013.

To ensure growth of the organization, prospects must be kept strong. Therefore, CC investigates international deals that concern the future and invest capital. The financial stability of the CC is somewhat capricious. CC seeks to expand its operations internationally using the funds and generous wealthy partners ready to invest in them. Its’ domestic stability is an additional advantage to the global operations. At CC, innovations are consistently pursued through a combination of research teaching and special programs.

Mayo has a worldwide reputation as a center of excellence for managing infections related to all kinds of devices. One team of Mayo specialists has the nation’s largest practice in orthopedic device infections. The second team specializes in infections associated with cardiovascular implants, including electronic devices, vascular grafts, stents, assist devices and more (Mayo Clinic, 2012)

Mayo Clinic has been useful in spreading knowledge. According to the Mayo Clinic Magazine (2012),

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“To help address the growing number of prosthetic-joint infections, Mayo Clinic created a specialized fellowship program in orthopedic infectious diseases in 2008. Since then, two fellows have completed the one-year program. Graduates are proficient in the diagnosis, management and prevention of all types of musculoskeletal infections.”

Mayo Clinic has a long tradition as a leader in military medicine. The clinic maintains a close relationship with the U.S. military and its active and former service members. Mayo staff members served the military. Their field practice included setting up military laboratories and surgical suites, teaching medical officers, introducing the G-suit, parachute training and high-altitude oxygen equipment for aviators and developing penicillin for the field use. Today, Mayo Clinic continues its tradition of leadership and distinguished service with some 900 employees who serve or have served in the military (Mayo Clinic, 2012).  

The Mayo Graduate School provides an advanced scientific training toward Ph.D. degrees in biomedical research and has become a national destination for biomedical training of diverse research scientists. Once Mayo Graduate School accepts a student, it promises to pay a stipend for five years, covering their cost of living. Students are free to follow their passion and choose a lab that matches their interest. This practice sets apart Mayo Graduate School from most graduate programs, where students are dependent on the funding of the investigator for their learning experience. Mayo Clinic has a Code of Conduct, which is a formal statement of Mayo’s standards and rules of ethical business conduct.

Cleveland  Clinic  is  a  worldwide  respected  hospital  that provides  great  healthcare  services. Mayo  Clinic  is   a  leader in  medical  research  with a special  interest  in  military  medicine.

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