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MedStar Mobile Healthcare

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MedStar Mobile Healthcare, which provides ambulance services to Fort Worth as well as to another 14 cities in the area and has 350 employees and 55 ambulances, has decided to move to a different location because MedStar has outgrown its current facilities. The change will allow more possibility for community health programs and will host communications department. The process of changing locations is estimated to cost around $8 million and be completed within a year, while the new facility is said to operate for company’s needs for 30 years. An important improvement will be a nurse triage program and a community awareness program aimed at reduced use of emergency services by frequent callers (Fuquay, 2013).

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The article is significant to nursing profession in several ways. First of all, the expansion of MedStar will create a more high-quality service for the patients because of the improved communication system. Because of that, the nurses employed in the company will be able to perform their duties more efficiently and using less of the valuable time. The triage program is beneficial because it allows the nurses to practice their skills and also prevents the ambulance from going to the patients who could be helped via the phone. The patients, in turn, benefit from a qualified professional who carefully listens to the problem and suggests the optimal treatment. Moreover, the expansion of the company is a real chance for more nurses to find job and apply their expertise to help people. Overall, the new facility for StarMed seems to allow the company to perform more than their immediate responsibilities. For example, the article discusses some community programs. This is a rather important aspect of health care services as it helps to build stronger ties with people and learn more about their health problems or habits. The nurses in such case are invaluable link between the local community and the health services provider. That is why this development is beneficial for nursing profession as it allows both to practice treating people as well as to work on the so-called people skills for better mutual understanding.

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